We repair the body and paint the car with our own hands

In the life of a motorist and his car, various troubles sometimes occur:

  • a huge icicle can fall on the roof of your car while you park it in someone else's yard and run to a friend for tea;
  • snow removal equipment of the housing office or a novice driver can hit your car when maneuvering in the immediate vicinity of it;
  • someone out of a sense of revenge or out of hooligan motives may scribble a text message for you on the paintwork of your car;
  • one of your family members can take the car for a ride, and return it with a dent;

A lot of other things can happen, resulting in a dent, scratch or chipped paint on your car. However, nothing may happen in life, but you just get tired of the color of your car and you decide to repaint it, apply airbrushing or paste over with a film.

Young car painter at work

If you somehow find yourself in a situation where you need to fix dents and paint your car and suddenly think - “shouldn't I do it myself?”, You need to take into account that the car is an expensive thing and paint it badly the best way. And to do a good painting job, you will need:

  • a large amount of time - doing this work in your free time from your main job is not an option, you can stretch the whole process for months;
  • patience and skill, the ability to quickly learn and assimilate new information;
  • a properly equipped garage or spray booth: there must be enough space in the room, it must be warm, perfectly clean, with supply and exhaust ventilation;
  • equipment and materials for painting, which are not cheap, as well as training to work with this equipment;
  • it is also required to comply with safety regulations, to perform work using personal protective equipment.

Perhaps contacting specialists will be the best option for solving the problem in your case. Consider how much time and nerves you will save. If you are confident that you can do the job yourself, have everything you need and are ready to follow our instructions exactly, then all the expenses can justify themselves, and the new paintwork of your car will last a long time and will please the eye.

Exclusive airbrushing Beetle in Indian style

On our website you will find articles, photos and videos on how to:

  • perform bodywork and repair dents;
  • how to prepare a car for painting;
  • how to choose a color so that a freshly painted part does not differ in color from the rest;
  • how to paint a car, what tools and equipment are needed for this;
  • how to carry out anti-corrosion treatment of the bottom and other parts;
  • how and with what to properly polish the car so that it always looks like new;
  • ways to tint windows and headlights;
  • airbrush application methods;
  • types of films for cars: anti-gravel, vinyl, carbon and pasting methods.