FreshAirbrushing on the car. The procedure for applying airbrushing


Tired of driving a car in a standard color and want to turn it into a work of art so that oncoming cars stop and their drivers look after you for a long time? What tools and paints are needed for this and is it difficult to learn this art? How much does it cost to decorate a car with the help of professionals? The materials available here will tell about this and much more.

How to dilute paints and varnishes for airbrushing?

To dilute airbrush paint with your own hands, for example, water-based, you need to use the solvent that suits the material used.

Airbrushing as a way to transform your Renault Logan

Airbrushing is an interesting option to update the budget Renault Logan, making it unlike other cars.

Give your Infiniti charm and originality with airbrushing

The Infiniti car is characterized by high quality, reliability and comfort, and airbrushing will help to make it unique and reduce the chances of theft.

Dragons on cars as a popular airbrush option

Airbrushing a dragon on a car is often applied from a photo and the finished image on the body gives the impression of a realistic mythical creature.

Volumetric airbrushing on a car as an unusual way to show individuality

3D airbrushing has become popular relatively recently, and on a car you can see realistic three-dimensional drawings made in different ways.

Watch out, blood on the hood! or Non-standard option for applying airbrushing on a car

On some cars you can see airbrushing in the form of blood. The options for applying it are different - from spots to the image of the canvases of creative illustrators.

7 reasons an airbrush starts to spit and how to fix them

If the airbrush spits paint, then the reason may be the excessive density of the paintwork material. There are several other factors leading to this phenomenon.

Predator of the deep sea: shark airbrush options and the order of its drawing

Airbrushing a shark on the hood, doors and other elements of the car body is not so rare. Images of predatory fish look realistic, as in the photo.

Popular airbrush options that can be found on BMW cars

Airbrushing is very popular as BMW tuning. Most often there are images of wild animals, abstraction, blood, landscapes and drawings in the "techno" style.

Without what it is impossible to imagine a business related to airbrushing on cars?

Airbrushing business requires attention to such components as the choice of premises and personnel, quality equipment and materials, as well as advertising.

Airbrush Ideas: Interesting Patterns with Lines and Stripes

Airbrushing in the form of stripes and lines is very popular among car owners. You can apply the drawing with your own hands or entrust the work to a professional airbrusher.

Airbrushing as one of the best ways to make the Nissan Beetle unique

The Nissan Beetle has recently gained popularity among many car enthusiasts, and photorealistic airbrushing on this model is also quite common.

Interesting airbrushing on the garage door as a means of self-expression

Airbrushing on the garage expresses the individuality of the car enthusiast, so on the garage door you can see any drawings from abstraction to 3D images from a photo.

Magical, whimsical and ordinary flowers on a car body: airbrush options

Car airbrushing depicting flowers, for example, on the hood of a car, can be accurately drawn from a photo or created in a surreal or fantasy style.