Airbrushing on the car. The procedure for applying airbrushing

Airbrushing on a patriot car

There are several ways to personalize your car's design. They can be divided into those related to the installation of new elements, and graphic works. The most difficult type of graphic tuning is airbrushing. The following are the features of applying airbrushing to the wings.

Basic principles and methods of application

Airbrushing refers to the technology of applying images with a powder or liquid dye using compressed air to various surfaces.
The main tool used for these works is represented by an airbrush (paint sprayer).

Airbrush scheme

Airbrushing is used to decorate various items besides cars. As for the latter, drawings are applied to various body elements, such as fenders, hood, doors and other parts.


The main feature of the technology under consideration is that airbrushing allows you to make a car unique by creating any pattern. Due to this, even models that are popular in stock with hijackers, after giving a unique design, lose their attractiveness for them. However, the uniqueness causes the negative features of such tuning. These include, first of all, the high cost of creating such drawings. In most cases, airbrushing is included in the price range of 10 - 30 thousand rubles, although some drawings are much more expensive. You also need to consider that airbrushing the hood in most workshops is much more expensive than drawings for other parts. Drawing on the wings is more beneficial. In this case, it should be borne in mind that the price of work is determined not by the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe drawing, but by the number of parts it occupies. This is explained by the fact that in any case, the body element will have to be completely prepared, regardless of what part of it will be occupied by airbrushing.

In addition to the place of application, the cost of the drawing is determined by factors such as the complexity of the image and the professionalism of the airbrush. The high price of airbrushing is due to the complexity of the work (this also applies to the simplest drawings), as a result of which it is necessary to attract specialists to perform them. Therefore, users who do not have professional skills cannot create a sufficiently high-quality drawing. The complexity of the work determines the long duration of their implementation. So, on average, airbrushing takes 2 weeks - a month. In addition, the presence of drawings causes a high complexity and, consequently, the cost of restoring a car after an accident.


Airbrushing is divided into two types.
monochrome drawings. For these images, the color of the car is usually used as the background, and the drawing itself is performed in a contrasting shade.
Multicolor drawings. The background can be represented both by the color of the machine and by a specially applied layer.
Drawings of the first type are usually slightly cheaper due to the cost of materials.

Process of creation

Before applying the pattern to the wings or other body parts, you need to decide on its content and other parameters. For the type of tuning under consideration, the conceptual stage, which involves the development of an idea, is often not only the longest, but also the most difficult. It is greatly simplified when the customer turns to specialists with a ready-made idea. But even under this condition, it should be finalized with the involvement of professionals. At the same time, many parameters are taken into account, such as the proportions of both the car and individual parts, the style of its design, the color of the paintwork. At the same time, the wishes of the customer may not coincide with the opinion of the artist.

If the customer does not have his own ideas, he can discuss possible options for drawings with the artist. The created drawing project must be evaluated on the car. For this, computer simulation is used. At the same time, the location of the image on the details is chosen, taking into account their geometry and its dimensions. At this stage, the artist's job is to choose a composition in which the image is not distorted by the curves of the surface. It should be noted that only these works can take up to several weeks. After the draft drawing is fully adapted to the machine and agreed with the customer, it is approved.
Then, based on the complexity of the work, the cost of the image is determined.

Work with the car begins with its preparation. Airbrushing requires careful preparatory work. First, the fitter dismantles all unnecessary parts. Wings, for example, may have moldings, nameplates, direction indicators. The work surface is then cleaned and inspected for defects. If it has chips, dents, scratches, the part will have to be restored. That is, depending on the type of damage, it is first straightened, then puttied, after which it is primed and painted. After the working surface has dried, or if the paintwork is not damaged, the top layer of varnish is matted with sandpaper or fine abrasive paste in order to ensure better adhesion of the paint. For high-quality drawing, careful and uniform surface treatment is necessary.

Next, proceed to applying the image with an airbrush in layers. Many artists work with stencils and only the most professional masters do without these devices. It should be borne in mind that the created airbrush may differ slightly from the computer model and sketch. This is due to the fact that the application technology and the characteristics of the car affect the final appearance of the image. The duration of work can be up to several months and is determined by the complexity of the drawing, size, detail, number of elements, color.

At the end of the work, the painter varnishes the created drawing in several layers, and the polisher polishes it. This gives the image depth and saturation, and also protects it from environmental influences.
Finally, the fitter installs all the removed parts on the car.


Airbrushing requires periodic updating of the varnish coating (every few years). Otherwise, at first it will lose its external attractiveness, and some time later it will begin to crack.
As for the fear of restoring the pattern after an accident, the most effective way to solve this problem is airbrush insurance.

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