Airbrushing as a way to transform your Renault Logan

Airbrushing on Logan

Renault Logan belongs to the budget class, but this does not mean at all that you need to drive a boring, standard car. Airbrushing is a great opportunity to update your car and make the car original and more attractive. All kinds of Chinese dragons and stars are left in the past, ultra-modern realistic drawings are in vogue. Airbrushing on the body of Renault Logan is not only external beauty, but also a reliable remedy for theft.

What is airbrushing?

But airbrushing is not exactly tuning, it is a kind of art that allows you to turn Renault Logan into a beautiful picture with an air brush - an airbrush.

Classical airbrushing is the most expensive option for transforming a car, which is mainly performed in salons by professional artists. When performing, only expensive paint is used, which guarantees that the image will not crack and will not lose its appearance under the influence of the sun. The picture is created exclusively for the client's order, so there are no limits to fantasy. Such airbrushing requires a long time and a professional master.

If you have artistic abilities, then airbrushing on Logan can be done with your own hands, and the use of special stencils will simplify the process of drawing a picture.

For self-drawing a picture on the body, choose an automatic trigger or a double independent airbrush. The first type is best for beginner airbrushers, while the second type is considered the most versatile.

Airbrush work

There is another way to decorate a car - this is teipography. This type of tuning is performed using a vinyl film. Such airbrushing has a low cost, but it also lasts a very short time, because it quickly loses its appearance under the influence of negative factors.

What to pay attention to?

Trying to make your Renault Logan original, you need to consider that saving is not worth it. Sometimes the owners of this car order a small image only for a part of the body, but over time, such a picture seems very small. The materials must be of high quality, and the work must be done professionally.

It will take about a month to apply a drawing to a car. The cost of multi-color airbrushing is quite high, sometimes it can even exceed the cost of the car itself, when it comes to Renault Logan. Trust the work only to a professional, because it will be impossible to correct mistakes later. The appearance of the car will be hopelessly damaged.

Airbrushing on a car body

Why is it worth ordering an airbrush?

Of course, Renault Logan belongs to the budget class, and not everyone can afford to drive an expensive car. Airbrushing will make this car exclusive in its own way. An interesting pattern on the car body will be an excellent protection in case of theft.

When deciding to entrust the work of transforming your Logan to a pro, you need to consider the following:

  • before contacting a car dealership, you need to choose the most suitable pattern;
  • no less important is the reputation of the service;
  • a reputable company has a large portfolio, and will offer to make a choice. this will allow you to evaluate the quality of work;
  • today every serious company has its own website;
  • You can order an individual drawing, but it will cost much more.

A professional designer will offer several options. The average cost of development is from 10,000 rubles. A mock-up superimposed on a photo of the car will be shown on the computer screen, and after you select the option you like, the salon masters will start working. You need to control the process at all stages, because if something does not suit you, then until it is varnished, you can make adjustments.

Renault Logan can be made much more interesting if you airbrush it. Thanks to this, it will be much more unique. And do not use cheap stickers that only spoil the paint.

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