Fresh5 ways to remove rust from a car body

Body repair

Body repair is the most expensive event that threatens any car owner. Is it possible to do it yourself and what tools should be equipped? Not gods burn pots, so there will always be craftsmen who can carry out these works with their own hands. For them, this section provides recommendations, tips and step-by-step instructions from experienced professional masters.

Weaknesses of Hyundai Solaris. Weak sound insulation, bumper mount, metal thickness

During operation, the car body is exposed to various environmental factors, as a result of which damage is formed on it over time. To keep the machine in working condition and maintain an attractive appearance, you need to eliminate them in a timely manner. In this article, we will consider body repair on

Repair of chips and cracks on the windshield of the car. Repair yourself or at the service?

Damage to the windshield when a stone hits it or the formation of cracks with a large temperature difference is a fairly common occurrence. In most cases, a complete windshield replacement can be avoided. But you can’t do without repairs, because over time, even a small crack can

Secrets of restoring cars after serious troubles

In most cases, carrying out a complete restoration of a car after a serious fire or accident is not an economically viable undertaking. The more components and elements of the machine are affected by the repair, the more expensive it will cost.

Proven Methods for Restoring a Toyota Corolla Bumper

If you have damaged the bumper on your Toyota Corolla, do not rush to buy a new one. You are quite capable of repairing it with your own hands at home.

Wing straightening at home

If you plan to straighten the car fender yourself, we recommend that you read the detailed description of the process and the video, which will help you avoid common mistakes in your work.

Reliable tools for easy paintless dent repair

There are many tools and devices for fixing small dents on the body or bumper of your car without painting - these are suction cups, a hair dryer, a magnet, a set of levers, Pops-a-Dent.

Suzuki Grand Vitara body repair steps

Suzuki Grand Vitara body repair is a complex and multi-stage process. Make sure you know enough about this process before you start. Our article will help you with this.

We repair the BMW body with our own hands using the example of the E39 and E34 models

BMW cars are relatively resistant to corrosion, but the need for body repair is no exception for them, especially for older E34 and E39 models.

About do-it-yourself body repair plus a video tutorial to help

Carry out a body repair of a car with your own hands, especially a small one, if desired, every car owner can. Preliminary it is useful to watch a video on the topic.

Components of the body of the VAZ G8 with names

Details of the VAZ 2108 are prone to damage, and the body often requires restoration of geometry. Body repairs of many parts, such as bumpers, can be done by yourself.

Car body modifications Kalina and their geometric parameters

Body repair of Lada Kalina, like other cars, for example, when restoring areas affected by through corrosion, is accompanied by measuring the geometric parameters of the body.

Measure seven times: why do you need a ruler in bodywork?

A telescopic measuring ruler is used during body repairs to determine the geometry of the body: the position of control points and other overall parameters. For example, for such measurements, you can use the M3 tool.

The main geometric dimensions of the VAZ 2112 and body features

Carrying out a complex repair of the body of the VAZ 2112, take into account the geometric dimensions, the location of the control points. Of the body parts of this car, the bumper is the most vulnerable.

How to straighten a damaged bumper with your own hands: home methods

Do-it-yourself straightening of a plastic or other bumper can be done using a magnet and a building hair dryer. Hot water is also needed for recovery.