Car body modifications Kalina and their geometric parameters

Lada Kalina hatchback

The car Lada Kalina, produced by the domestic AvtoVAZ plant, is currently produced in four body styles: hatchback, station wagon, cross and sport, all of which are five-door. It is a compact and comfortable city car. Carrying out body repairs Lada Kalina, it is necessary to take into account the geometric dimensions of the body.

The main types of car body


The sedan version has been discontinued, but information about it may be useful to owners of this type of Lada Kalina car:

  • practicality and convenience during regular use;
  • good maneuverability on city roads;
  • the opening angle of the luggage compartment is 120 degrees, which facilitates the loading of luggage;
  • excellent handling at high speeds;
  • in the trunk there are special loops, the task of which is the possibility of securing the goods transported in the car;
  • the presence of special pads aimed at protecting the head of passengers and the driver.

The creators of the Lada Kalina "sedan" paid special attention to the body of the car, which received wedge-shaped lines of the silhouette. This creates an image of a stylish car compared to previously released other Zhiguli models. It is worth noting the strength of the body, especially its seatpost - it saves the passengers of the car in a side collision.

Lada Kalina sedan

Sports and 5 door hatchback

The version of the five-door hatchback in the Lada Kalina line appeared not so long ago. Changes were made not only to the appearance of the body. The model was equipped with the latest motors that meet all European standards on toxicity issues.

This model is ideal for urban roads, as it has a power unit with ESWT. This provides high speed performance with minimal fuel consumption.

Thanks to a compact body, the length of which is only 3.893 m, Lada Kalina hatchback perfectly maneuvers among the flow of cars.

Modern equipment makes this model even more attractive for motorists.

station wagon

The main advantage of this version is its versatility. The small size of the body makes it look like a hatchback version. The length of the wagon is 4.084 m, which is more than the hatchback version. The width of the body is 1.7 m.

Lada Kalina station wagon has excellent maneuverability and enviable dynamics, which makes driving in urban or rural areas more confident. Even too broken roads are not terrible for this station wagon. The corrosion resistance parameter has been increased several times. This became possible due to the full-fledged galvanizing of parts that are most susceptible to aggressive environmental influences.

Lada Kalina station wagon

The station wagon version is unpretentious in maintenance, and the interior, thought out to the smallest detail, can easily accommodate five passengers. You should pay special attention to the cargo compartment, it can hold up to 670 liters of volume. Good visibility is provided by a high landing. The main geometric parameters of the Lada Kalina bodies are presented in the table.

body variantHatchbackstation wagonCrossSport
Length / width / height, mm3893/1700/15004084/1700/15044104/1700/15603943/1700/1450
Front / rear wheel track, mm1430/14141430/14141430/14181431/1432
Ground clearance, mm160160, and for 1.6 l 16-cl, 4AT, 98l.s. – 145183150
Base, mm2476247624762478
Luggage compartment volume (passenger/cargo)240/550355/670 355/670240/550

If you perform car body repairs in various services, then you should prepare an impressive amount. Therefore, if corrosion has appeared on the body or structural deformation has occurred, it will be more cost-effective to repair it yourself. It is important before proceeding with the procedure, it is necessary to study the geometric dimensions of Lada Kalina. The main ones are shown in the figure. The need to measure the geometry of the body.

Checkpoints Kalina sedan

So, in body repair, measurements are always taken at certain body control points. To do this, measurements are made on both sides of the body of the same distances or parts. The results obtained are compared with factory standard values. Often the reasons for which body repair is necessary are not only accidents, but also driving on rough roads.

But body repair is not the main reason for measuring the geometry of a car. So, experts recommend carrying out diagnostics of this kind before purchasing a used car.

Lada Kalina is a modern car by many standards, designed specifically for domestic roads, and having certain body features. These subtleties and the correct removal of geometric dimensions are important to consider when carrying out repair work.

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