Measure seven times: why do you need a ruler in bodywork?

Line for body repair

Body restoration, especially complex, cannot be done without special measuring systems aimed at determining the geometric parameters of the car and the deviations of these values ​​from the standards. This article briefly talks about the line for body repair.

Body Measurement Tool Types

There are three main groups of measuring systems:

  • mechanical;
  • laser;
  • laser-computerized.

Each of the systems has its own configuration, characteristics and features of operation. For body repairs at home, mechanical systems such as a measuring ruler are perfect. While in professional salons, preference should be given to computerized modern systems suitable for cars of any level, for example, it is worth noting the electronic diagonal measuring system EMS 2 A. Measurements with its help are carried out in three coordinates, and then the data is processed on a computer.

Electronic measuring system EMS 2A

Mechanical systems include the telescopic ruler, which is widely used due to its ease of use and high accuracy of the results obtained. With its help, you can measure the diagonal dimensions, length, height of the car and other parameters. Consider one of the options for such a tool - the M3 telescopic ruler.

Complete set of the M3 line

Measuring ruler for measurements during body repair M3 is made of lightweight, but at the same time, high-strength plastic. The mass of the product does not exceed 1.2 kg. There are 17 nozzles in the kit, with which you can perform a huge number of operations. The tips use high-strength nylon that can withstand various environmental changes.

The telescopic measuring ruler also has special nozzles that allow you to mount it in any position, which is an indispensable quality during body repairs.

The kit includes a magnetic self-centering tip. The measuring ruler, together with the nozzles, is packed in an aluminum case that can withstand significant loads.

Telescopic ruler for M3 body


The measuring ruler allows you to perform the following operations necessary during body repair:

  • the measurement limits are from 25 cm to 223 cm;
  • measurement and diagnosis of existing damage on the body, in the engine compartment or window openings;
  • convenient and efficient measurement of diagonal dimensions;
  • check the perpendicularity;
  • determination of the length or height of any type of car;
  • determining the distance between two points;
  • can be used with floor, platform or frame slips to control, diagnose and repair body points;
  • thanks to the self-centering built-in tip, all measurements can be performed by one person.

Before you purchase a control and measuring tool, you should carefully study the package and specifications. This is the only way to choose a functional and practical tool that can serve for many years.

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