How to straighten a car body with a hydraulic jack?

Straightening with a jack allows you to straighten many of the bumps in the car body, in particular on the wings. They should not edit the hood and doors.

A Proven Way to Repair Plastic: Using a Heat Gun

For welding plastic, you can use a special gun or apparatus that allows you to create a seam of fairly high strength on the repaired part.

How to securely solder a damaged bumper: DIY repair

Do-it-yourself soldering of the bumper is carried out using a mesh or fiberglass. Of the tools and equipment for repair, you also need a soldering iron, hair dryer or heat gun.

The body geometry of the Daewoo Nexia car: the main dimensions of the sedan

The body geometry of the Daewoo Nexia car of various modifications (sedan, hatchback) is different. Dimensions are important to know not only for body repairs, but also when buying a used car.

The city crushed the car? Learn how to remove dents on the body with your own hands?

Repair to remove dents on the car body, formed after hail, can be done by hand using adhesive, lever and thermal methods.

Straightening a car using a spotter and the principle of operation of the device

The spotter is often used for do-it-yourself car body straightening, it can be either branded or homemade. The auxiliary tool is most often a reverse hammer.

What tools can you do without when carrying out a body repair?

Body work requires a lot of tools: equipment for stripping, straightening the car body and other actions. An important place is occupied by pneumatic tools.

Fender Dent Repair: Choose from Three Methods

To straighten a dent in a wing and fix a surface defect, it can be extruded or pulled out. Also, to remove the unevenness, puttying the body is used.

How to fix defects on a car body: self-alignment of dents

Editing a car body with your own hands is difficult, but quite doable, and watching training videos from experienced craftsmen will help you master the correct repair.

On the technology of tinning during soldering of body parts

Tinning acts as a stage when soldering car body parts with your own hands. It is carried out with an open fire using tin powder or a soldering iron.

Protection of vehicle sills from the damaging effects of corrosion

To ensure the protection of the thresholds of the car from the effects of corrosion, periodic treatment with high-quality anticorrosive, which is easy to do with your own hands, allows.

Aligning a door dent on a car body: basic methods

You can remove a dent on a car door and straighten a section of the body both from the inside and outside. For example, repair by tapping helps to level the defect.

New bumper at no extra cost: we repair the part with fiberglass

Fiberglass and fiberglass bumper repair can be done by hand. The video of experienced motorists will help to do this correctly at home.

Do-it-yourself way to repair a bumper on a Renault Logan car

Repairing the rear or front bumper on Renault Logan is easiest to do by gluing. But in some cases it is advisable to completely replace the part.

Body welding: choosing the right equipment and doing the work

Welding work on the car body is carried out by a semi-automatic device or an inverter. Repair by contact spot welding can be done by hand.