Independent elimination of body cracks: all stages and nuances of repair

The body of a 2010-2013 Subaru Outback car is prone to cracking. Repair of slightly damaged areas can be carried out independently.

How to fix a dented car door: straightening features

Do-it-yourself car door straightening can be done with experience and no serious damage. Video wizards will help you master this process.

Is it possible to replace the body and what is needed for this?

It is possible to change the car body in many cases, while the replacement must be registered with the traffic police, which requires permission, but it is not easy to get it.

What you need to know to repair a bumper under CASCO insurance?

Repair of bumper chips and scratches according to CASCO is carried out in a partner service if there is a photo of the defect, a list of damages, a timely call to the police and a call to the insurance company.

Six Proven Ways to Repair a Dent in Your Car

Alignment of dents on the car body can be carried out in various ways, for example, by tapping, using an adhesive method, as well as using a hair dryer or a magnet.

Straightening without consequences for the paintwork of the body using vacuum suction cups

To repair the car body without removing varnish and paint, a leveling suction cup is used. This vacuum leveling takes relatively little time.

The body structure of the VAZ "six" and the features of its repair

The body of the VAZ 2106 car belongs to the sedan type, the structural elements are made by stamping and connected by welding. Do-it-yourself restoration of the shape of damaged parts must be carried out taking into account all the rules of body repair.

What is the best equipment for welding body work?

It is better to cook a car body with an inverter or a carbon dioxide semiautomatic device. The first is only suitable for overcooking metal thinner than 3 mm.

Is it easy to pull the car body with your own hands and what is needed for this?

To stretch the car body with your own hands, you need a special tool, and professional equipment - robots - is used in the stretching technology at service stations.

The composition and features of applying automotive putty with fiberglass

Auto filler with fiberglass is most often used for restoring repairs to a car body after it has been damaged by corrosion or to smooth out bumps.

Recommendations for assembling a welding machine with your own hands: what should be considered?

Having decided to make a home welding machine with your own hands, you need to carefully study everything and make sure that its manufacture will not come out at a cost equal to the finished one.

Body repair tricks: how to fix a dent on a car without resorting to painting?

You can remove a dent without painting with your own hands in many ways. Alignment is carried out with a vacuum, you can also stretch and straighten the dent with a building hair dryer.

Types, structural elements of the car body and part names

The car body structure consists of zones, each of them is assembled from parts and elements. For example, the motor part includes spars and cross members.

Awesome idea for tuning: creating a bumper from ordinary polyurethane foam

You can make a bumper with your own hands from mounting foam, for which it is first useful to watch a video of the masters on the topic and prepare a set of everything you need.

All about door corrosion and its elimination using the example of a Daewoo Matiz car

It is possible to remove rust from a car door, for example, with Daewoo Matiz, in different ways, and protecting the body with anticorrosive will help stop the further development of corrosion.