Five types of damage to the body of a Mercedes Sprinter car and their elimination

Mercedes Sprinter body repair can be done by hand or in a car service, depending on the skill of the owner and the severity of the damage to the car.

What methods are used to eliminate the deformation of the car body?

In addition to high-tech equipment from imported manufacturers, hand tools can also be used to eliminate the deformation of the car body.

Types of damage and repair options for the body of Volkswagen cars

Volkswagen Polo sedan or Passat cars are subject to corrosion and body damage, while body repairs are best left to masters with good reviews.

Important advantages and principle of operation of inverter-type welding machines

For electric welding, you can use a do-it-yourself or ready-made device, for example, an IMS-1600 welding inverter or a Russian MIG-280 Hero device.

Do-it-yourself straightening tool: making a body hammer and its types

A do-it-yourself body repair backhammer is designed to flatten small dents that are not directly accessible.

Read to everyone: why is it so important to check the geometry of the body of your car?

Not everyone knows how to check the geometry of a car body, but this is a very important point. Body geometry measurement must be carried out at least once a year.

A real time machine: types of retro car restoration

Restoration of vintage cars can be of two types: full or simplified restoration. With good work, a rare car cannot be distinguished from the original.

Secrets of body repair VAZ 21099

Repair of the body of the VAZ 21099 can be done with your own hands in the garage, unless there is a question of restoring the geometry of the body. Such work is carried out at the service station on a special stand.