Repair of chips and cracks on the windshield of the car. Repair yourself or at the service?

Damage to the windshield when a stone hits it or the formation of cracks with a large temperature difference is a fairly common occurrence. In most cases, a complete windshield replacement can be avoided. But you can’t do without repair, because over time, even a small crack can completely destroy the glass.

windshield repair cost

The cost of windshield repair in a car service depends on the type of damage, its size, the repair materials used, and sometimes the region.

Estimated repair prices using Russian materials:

  • Chip-hole repair - from 500 rubles.
  • Chip repair up to 3 mm - from 1000 rubles.
  • Repair of a chip with beams up to 5 mm - from 1200 rubles.
  • Repair of a chip with beams up to 1 cm - from 1700 rubles.
  • Repair of a chip with a lost fragment - from 2200 rubles.
  • Crack repair (filling) - from 50 rubles / cm

When using imported repair compounds, the cost can increase by 30-100%.

An example of the cost of chip repair

An example of the cost of repairing chips in one of the Moscow salons

Before repairing, we recommend that you call several glass repair companies yourself, describe the situation and clarify the prices for repairs. To find auto glass repair shops, you can use 2gis service.

Do-it-yourself windshield repair: detailed instructions.

Windshield repair can be done independently. If you have a certain set of equipment and follow a strict sequence of actions, you can also make repairs at home, for example, in a garage. In some cases, the cost of a set of equipment and materials may be less than the cost of repairs in a car service. In addition, you will gain experience, and you will be able to use the equipment and materials for subsequent glass repairs.

It should be remembered that it is desirable to carry out repairs almost immediately after glass damage. Otherwise, dust and dirt trapped in microcracks will significantly affect the quality of work, and it will be quite problematic to remove them completely.

The algorithm for performing work to eliminate chips and cracks is as follows:

1. Cleaning and degreasing cracks and glass surfaces. We need to remove dirt and grease from the crack that got there. To do this, you can use ordinary household cleaners, special car chemicals for cleaning glass, or simply use alcohol. Particular attention should be paid directly to the site of damage. During cleaning, it is necessary to carefully blow out the place of the crack, for this you can use a conventional pump.

Windshield cleaning

2. Drilling a chip or crack. This must be done in order to remove small pieces of glass and remaining dust from the crack, as well as to better fill the crack with a polymer composition. Using a drill or drill with a small diameter diamond drill, a small hole is made in the center of the chip. In the case of a crack, its edges are drilled to relieve stress. After that, using a compressor or a hand pump, it is necessary to blow out the glass chips and dust. If there is no drill or drill at hand, you can use an ordinary sharp blade.

Removing crumbs from glass


After drilling the crack, it is necessary to repeat the first paragraph of the instruction for the final cleaning of the crack / chip.

3. Filling the defect with a special polymer composition. For this, an injector and a bridge are used. Instead of a needle, the injector has a suction cup. The injector can be either reusable metal or inexpensive plastic. Proper installation of the injector is essential. It should be located in the center of the chip and strictly perpendicular to the surface of the windshield. Otherwise, a snug fit of the working part of the injector to the glass will not be ensured, which will not make it possible to create the necessary pressure. The desired position of the tool is achieved using the adjusting screw.

Filling the crack with polymer

After that, it is necessary to fill the injector with a special polymer composition. First, the composition is drawn into a syringe - dispenser, and then with its help it is fed into the injector. After that, pressure is created on the injector and the adhesive fills the damaged area. This procedure is repeated several times: pressure, vacuum, pressure, vacuum. This is done several times until the chip or crack is completely filled.

Glass Repair Injector

Visual control of crack filling is best done from the inside of the car.

At the end of the first stage, the pressure is removed from the injector and excess polymer composition is removed.

4. Finishing crack. A more viscous polymer is used for it, although it is identical in its chemical composition to the first.

Final filling of the crack with polymer

5. Leveling and drying of the polymer composition. For this, a special transparent film is used. It is laid on the surface of the applied composition. At the same time, the formation of air bubbles under the film should not be allowed. If necessary, they are eliminated by light smoothing. After that, drying and leveling of the applied composition occurs. A special ultraviolet lamp is used for this, although drying can also occur in daylight. When using ultraviolet light, the composition dries completely after 10-15 minutes. In natural light, the time for complete drying increases three times. Then the film is removed and excess polymer is removed by scraping.

6. Final polishing crack. At the final stage, a thorough car glass polishing. This will require glass polish and a soft cloth.

glass polishing machine


Before self-repair, we recommend watching the following video on repairing a cracked windshield at home:

Windshield Repair Kits

The easiest option for repairing cracks and chips with your own hands is to buy a ready-made repair kit. Similar sets are now sold both in stores and on the Internet.

As a rule, such kits include an adhesive disc, a pedestal with a suction cup, a dosing syringe with a polymer, a blade for dismantling the disc.

Consider the most popular sets:

Done Deal DD6584

Done Deal Windshield Repair Kit

The Done Deal windshield repair kit is able to repair chips and cracks of any type up to 20 cm in size. The cost in the store is around 600 rubles.

GlassProfi (GlassProfi)

Glass Profi

A bottle of this polymer adhesive is enough to repair 2 large cracks up to 30 cm in size.

Permatex (Permatex)

Permatex Permatex Set

The cost of the set is around 500 rubles.



A set from a well-known German brand, which, unlike standard sets, includes an applicator with four increments, as well as a set of repair plates. The cost of this set starts from 1000 rubles.

Necessary equipment for self-repair

Professional glass repair equipment costs a lot of money, their cost starts from 15,000 rubles.

professional glass repair equipment

Professional auto glass repair equipment includes:

  • Electric drill with a diamond drill.
  • Injector and bridge, which are used directly for the introduction of the polymer composition. The injector can be metal reusable or disposable plastic
  • Optical adhesive based on polymer. When buying it, you should consider the transparency coefficient. It should be the same for glue and glass.
  • Surface cleaner.
  • Scriber. It is used to expand and clean the damaged area.
  • Air compressor or pump to clean damage by blowing out.
    UV lamp to reduce full curing time.
  • Windshield Repair Kits
  • The necessary tools and materials can be purchased both separately and in a ready-made set of various configurations.
  • Below is one of the possible configurations of such a set:
  • Bridge and injector with injector seals.
  • Drill with a set of special cutters.
  • UV lamp to speed up the curing process.
  • Crack expander.
  • Scriber for cleaning holes.
  • Scraper blade for removing excess polymer composition at the end of the repair.
  • Mirror for control.
  • Film correction, which is used in the drying process.
  • Safety goggles, instructions, DVDs with training materials for the repair and use of equipment and tools.

A more complete repair kit may include: a hand pump, a grinder, special attachments for an electric drill, and felt polishing wheels.

Special polymer compounds used in the repair of cracks and chips can also be included in the kits or purchased separately.

Buying a more expensive reusable set is justified. Its use will allow you to perform repairs at a higher level, and no one is safe from the appearance of new damage to the windshield.

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