About do-it-yourself body repair plus a video tutorial to help

Do-it-yourself body repair

Body repair services provided by professional workshops are expensive. Therefore, the question of independent performance of these works is relevant. The following is a do-it-yourself car body repair.


For the independent implementation of body work, you need space and equipment. The requirements for these conditions are determined by the features of the repair. For one-time work, it is necessary to equip the room (usually a garage) with lighting. It is necessary to install both stationary and portable lighting devices, correctly positioning them to ensure good visibility of the car from all sides. As for equipment and materials, their choice is determined by the type of body repair.

The highest requirements are if it is planned to carry out work regularly. Then the garage needs not only to be illuminated, but also insulated to enable repairs to be carried out during the cold period. In addition, you should purchase a device for restoring the geometry of the body. It should be borne in mind that the cost of a branded tool is high, but you can purchase or create a home-made analogue.

You will also need a lot of tools to perform various repair operations, while straightening hammers and a welding machine are required.

You can buy them both in sets and individually. In any case, it is better to choose the most versatile equipment possible. This will reduce the total number of tools, using each one to do different jobs.

To carry out particularly complex repair work at a high level, such equipment as laser body geometry control tools and an ultrasonic flaw detection apparatus are needed. However, if you plan to do minor body repairs with your own hands, it is not advisable to purchase such expensive equipment. Even with a complex, but one-time repair, the cost of it is likely to be unjustified.

Bodywork Tool

Parts and consumables should be purchased as needed. It makes no sense to store all the spare body parts in the garage. In addition, there should be no problems with their acquisition for most car models, with the exception of very rare ones, since the car market has a lot of such goods, both branded and non-original. Features of the organization of the workplace can be studied in the video.

Types of body repair

Minor or local repairs. These works do not require complex equipment, and the technology for their implementation is very simple. For minor repairs, tools from the standard set are mainly used, as well as a welding machine and an airbrush. However, it is relevant only if the subframe and structural elements of the body are intact.

External repair

Includes cosmetic work such as painting and airbrushing. Therefore, tools for working with paints and varnishes are required.


This category includes the replacement of parts and skin, welding, restoration of geometry. In this way, the consequences of major accidents are usually eliminated or old cars are restored. In the first case, it is advisable to carry out repairs only on the condition that the total cost of the work will be less than the price of a new part. And in the second, you need to first evaluate the resource of the car, that is, how long it will be possible to operate the car after repair. For this, it is desirable to attract specialists.

Professional body repair

Separate types of work

To make any body repair on your own, you need to perform a number of works that make it up. The following are the main types of body work.

Puttying scratches and chips

This is one of the simplest bodywork operations that does not require special skills and the use of sophisticated equipment, so many people can do it. The pre-damaged area of ​​the body is cleaned and degreased. The technology of work consists in applying putty and grinding it with abrasive material. At the same time, you should not save on consumables, since their properties determine the quality of the result.


In the case of repair of any part of the body, you should choose a shade of paint that matches the original. To recognize it, you need to look at the plate located under the hood or on the left pillar if the car has not been repainted.

Before starting work, it is necessary to cover all parts adjacent to the working surface that cannot be painted.

To avoid getting foreign particles on it, painting should be carried out in a clean room, and antistatic wipes should be used to remove them. If the performer is not familiar with the painting technology, you should first study it from the video and practice.

car painting

Align geometry

For these works, a slipway or a specialized stand is required. The technology consists in applying multidirectional forces to the damaged surface. In this way, damage resulting from side impacts is usually repaired.

Installing patches

This technology is used to replace corroded fragments of the body. The patches are fixed by welding, for which an inverter welding machine is most often used.

Paintless dent removal

A very simple technology that allows you to correct defects of small and medium size, provided that the paintwork is not damaged. There are several ways, for example: percussion, stretching, thermal and others.

Car dent removal


  • Anti-corrosion treatment involves cleaning rust-affected surfaces and subsequent treatment with specialized compounds.
  • Polishing consists of applying polish and rubbing. They polish both damaged cars to mask the place of repair, and new ones in order to protect the paintwork and give an attractive appearance.

You can clearly see the technology for performing the described work in the video. And while some of them are so simple they won't be needed, a car repair video will help you with more complex body repairs.

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