FreshA little helper for a big job - the Stern sg1000a airbrush

Materials and tools

Store shelves are filled with materials and equipment for car repair and maintenance. Cheap and expensive, decorated with labels of world brands and little known, extremely useful and not very useful. You can find out which tools are useful, and which ones will form a useless load, how to work with them correctly and highly efficiently, by reading the articles presented here.

Chic, shine, beauty with canned chrome paint

Spray chrome paints are used to paint discs, as well as small plastic parts like mirrors and handles. This paint is just a simplified version of the real chrome plating.

Reliable tools for easy paintless dent repair

There are many tools and devices for fixing small dents on the body or bumper of your car without painting - these are suction cups, a hair dryer, a magnet, a set of levers, Pops-a-Dent.

Technology and tool for applying liquid rubber to a car

When choosing equipment for applying liquid rubber to a car, first of all, you need to get a low-pressure spray gun or a special spray gun.

On the protection of the body: means for anti-corrosion treatment of cars

Anti-corrosion agents are used to coat the car body in order to protect the metal from rust. Processing such material can be done by hand.

About the varieties and rules for the successful selection of a household spray gun

Household airbrush will be a good choice for repairs in the garage, in the country or at home. This type of spray gun has its own types and features of operation.

Choosing a grinder: what are they and what are they used for?

To choose a grinder, it is useful to know about flat, rotary, planetary and other types. For grinders, abrasive skins of different grain sizes are used.

Corrosion converters containing phosphoric acid

Rust converters containing phosphoric acid in their composition make it possible to eliminate corrosion and form a protective film on the metal surface.

What type of spray gun is best for applying acrylic enamel?

Different types of spray guns are suitable for applying acrylic paint to a car body, and one of the best options is the HVLP system paint sprayer.

Battery-operated spray guns: their features and description Bort BFP 18a

According to reviews, the Bort BFP 18a paint sprayer copes well with everyday tasks, but you should choose a special spray gun for painting a car body.

The secrets of choosing a reliable polishing machine and the best brands

When choosing a polishing machine, weight, speed and other criteria are taken into account. Good grinding and polishing machines for body polishing are made by Hamach.

Four worthy models of vibrating grinders and their features

Among the tools for stripping, the Makita vibratory sander is popular, as well as Bosch and the Dexster 3 belt sander. They are used for felting and sanding.

The principle of operation and the nuances of using a hydrogen welding machine

Hydrogen welding machine provides good weld quality and high productivity. But it is not used for welding parts made of copper and stainless steel.

Necessary auto chemicals for proper car body care

Auto chemicals for cleaning and protecting the car body include a variety of products: shampoos, anticorrosive agents, polishes, abrasive pastes, various cleaners, and more.

The composition and features of the application of automotive paints based on acrylic

Artificial resins in the composition of acrylic car paint determine its strength properties. This paint has hundreds of colors, and it is applied to the car in 2-3 layers.