A little helper for a big job - the Stern sg1000a airbrush

Stern SG 1000A

Every car owner has a moment in his life when he wants to tint (update) his car. As a rule, expensive tool options for do-it-yourself repairs are not considered. However, I want the tool to serve for a long time and with high quality. Well-proven spray guns from Stern are great for painting car surfaces. The sg1000a in particular is the ideal solution for do-it-yourself and professional painting jobs. An accessible and intuitive device will allow a person, even a non-working painter, to quickly perform a large amount of work.

Stern's reputation

The Austrian company "Stern Austria" for the production of power tools was founded in 1998. The company headquarters is located in Vienna. Today, the Austrian company is a major global manufacturer of power tools. It occupies a significant part of the Russian market (since 2001) and the CIS countries. The main advantage of Stern Austria products is an excellent combination of price and quality. It is this indicator of products that allowed them to take a leading position in the domestic and professional segments of the market. All products of the company receive European and Russian quality certificates.

Spray gun model sg1000a

This model from Stern Austria is the most powerful in its class. The aluminum tank of the electric spray gun is designed for 1 liter of paintwork material. The electric sprayer allows spraying paint in three positions:

  • point;
  • horizontal;
  • vertical.

The air filters installed in the spray gun prevent dust and debris from entering the applied paintwork material. Sufficiently long hose of 1.8 meters provides convenience during work. The nozzle, made of a special aluminum alloy, does not react with paints and varnishes, which makes it possible to quickly clean the spray gun. During operation, the Stern Austria sg1000a creates a low level of noise and slight vibration.

stern 1000 airbrush without box

What can be applied with a spray gun?

Stern Austria sg1000a can work with most paint materials:

  • water-based paints;
  • nitro-lacquer paints;
  • two-component type paints;
  • primers (almost on all bases);
  • primers;
  • wood impregnations.

It is not recommended to fill the tank with thick paintwork materials, as well as alkaline and acidic liquids.

Paint preparation

For painting work, the sg1000a spray gun requires a paint material of a certain viscosity. If the fluidity is not indicated in the passport of the paint material, it must be determined independently on the viscometer, which is supplied with the spray gun.


Before measuring the viscosity, the ink must be carefully moved and filled into the viscometer cup. We note the time of complete emptying of the cup. The optimal paint flow time is specified in the European standard.

Work with a spray gun

The spray gun is brought into working condition by means of the following actions:

  1. Install the belt on the compressor;
  2. Connect the compressor hose to the atomizer;
  3. We unscrew the tank from the sprayer;
  4. We mount a tube for suction of paint and varnish material;
  5. Pour paint into the tank and install it on an electric spray gun;
  6. We put the compressor on a flat and clean surface;
  7. Turn on the blower;
  8. We adjust the shape of the torch.

Before starting painting work, the surface to be painted should be carefully prepared. To do this, it should be cleaned, leveled, cleaned of dust and dirt, and also degreased. After that, it is necessary to close all fasteners and products adjacent to the painting area. To apply an even coat of paint, the spray gun should be tested on white cardboard. We make several test sprays, and adjust the shape of the torch, as well as the speed of air and paint. Start painting a surface area with a Stern Austria sg1000a sprayer at a certain distance from the area to be painted. Thus, when approaching the required object, the hand will maintain the optimal distance from the surface. When painting with the sg1000a spray gun, it is recommended to keep the gun perpendicular to the surface at a distance of 30 cm at all times. A full coat of paint is applied in 2-3 passes with direct interlayer drying.

Completion of paint work

The spray gun, upon completion of work, should be cleaned. To do this, unscrew the tank, drain the remnants of the paint and varnish material and pour the solvent into it. After that, you need to turn on the compressor and blow out the gun. Purge is carried out until the device is completely cleaned of paint. We wipe the atomizer, unwind and put all the parts in a box.

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