FreshCan you wash your car outside?

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How often should you wash your car, and which shampoos should you use? What are the advantages of a touchless car wash and what should be done so that a car polished to a shine does not fade after being touched by a soapy sponge? The subtleties and nuances of washing in specialized services and at home, told by professionals in their field, will help those who read the articles posted here.

We make a professional ultrasonic device for washing car parts

Washing for car parts is an ultrasonic bath, it is somewhat difficult to build it with your own hands, but if desired and possible, it is quite realistic.

Do I need an agreement and a certificate in order to open my own car wash?

An agreement and a car wash certificate are essential documents for doing business. Many are concerned about the question of how much it costs to open a business?

Is it possible to wash a car without a drop of water? or Dry cleaning method

Dry car washing as a business is easy to organize and does not require a specially equipped place. According to reviews, it is easy to do it yourself.

What result can be expected after washing the car with products like Fairy?

Washing the car body of the Fairy should not be done, as its effect on the paintwork has not been studied. For washing, you can use many other products intended for washing cars.

Important nuances of the right choice and the principle of operation of car mini-washes

When choosing a mini-wash for washing a car, you need to take into account the quality of the gun, power, and dimensions of the device. Reviews of motorists highlight the Makita, Karcher models.

How much time should pass after painting before the first car wash?

Is it possible to wash the car immediately after painting? No, this must not be done for at least two weeks in order for the paintwork to become durable.

Benefits of washing your car with wax and tips for applying it

Washing the car with wax creates a protective film on the surface of the body. Car washing can be carried out with various types of wax chemicals.

The principle of operation and technical characteristics of Kärcher mini-washers

According to reviews, Karcher mini-washes are quite convenient as a device for washing the bottom of a car. There are several models of Karcher compact car washes.

Useful tips: do-it-yourself high-quality car body wash

Car washing is easy to do on your own. It should be regular, because dust and dirt spoil the paintwork of the body and the appearance of the car.

Two ways to keep your car perfectly clean: manual and touchless car wash

Washing the car body can be carried out both manually and non-contact method. For a thorough cleaning of the bottom, a special nozzle is useful.

Secrets of freshness: ways to get rid of unpleasant odors in the car

In order to get rid of an unpleasant smell in a car, you can use different means: fragrances, interior cleaning, and treatment with substances.

Big and clean benefits: types of modern truck wash equipment

Modern equipment designed for washing trucks allows you to thoroughly clean the car, wash all the dirt from the wheels and transmission elements.

Is it profitable to engage in a car wash business by renting a room, and what you need to know?

When deciding to rent a car wash, you need to calculate the profitability. To do this, you should calculate the amount of expenses for wages, rent of the building and so on.

A clean tidy car: something about washing your car at special car washes

It is necessary to wash a car at a car wash in several stages, and a professional washes a car using high-quality auto chemicals. A video on the Web will help you learn all the nuances of washing.