Do I need an agreement and a certificate in order to open my own car wash?

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The vehicle washing business is very relevant, given the climatic conditions of the area and how much a car wash costs. There are several methods to increase the profitability of such a business. This article presents the features of the contract for the provision of appropriate services.


Despite the fact that car washing services are in high demand, there are a large number of companies engaged in this field on the market. Therefore, it is not at all a fact that a new car wash will be profitable. Approximately opening your car wash can cost from 300 to 1000 thousand rubles.

To ensure greater profitability of the enterprise, you can take some measures in the process of organizing its activities. You need to choose a suitable place to place the object and invest in advertising.

One of the ways to get regular customers and, therefore, a stable income, is a car wash certificate. Typically, representatives of car washes conclude such an agreement with car and taxi fleets that do not have their own car wash, or with departments that have a fleet of vehicles. That is, after the conclusion of the certificate, the company will service the cars of the customer company.

The contract brings privileges to both parties, but also imposes obligations on them. So, a car wash receives a regular customer for the period of validity of the document, and the customer is given the opportunity to service vehicles in one place.

Car wash

Rights and obligations of the parties

The car wash, representing the contractor's side in the situation under consideration, is obliged, according to the terms of the certificate, to provide the client company with services that meet the standards and requirements, at the agreed price and in the prescribed volume. She can refuse to carry out these works only in the absence of payment on time in a certain amount. In addition, the contractor is obliged to keep records of the work performed by drawing up a statement according to the established model.

The customer is obliged to provide the car wash with payment for the service in the prescribed amount and within the agreed timeframe and sign the acts of services rendered. In addition, in case of changes in the list of vehicles, the customer must provide information about them to the contractor in a timely manner.

Contents of the contract

The contract for the provision of car washing works determines the conditions for cooperation between the contractor and the customer. For example, it includes a list of the customer's vehicles with their makes, models, and license plates. Also, this document specifies the amount and terms of payment, as well as the terms for accepting the work performed. In addition, the certificate may define other conditions relating to service technologies, reporting deadlines, and liability of the parties in various situations. The contract also contains sample reporting documents.

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