Can you wash your car outside?

Specialized places for washing cars are car washes. However, for various reasons, some users prefer to wash cars on their own in arbitrary conditions: someone in the yard near the house, others in vacant lots, others in garages. The following are the features car wash in various places from a legal and practical point of view.

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Many people prefer to wash their car in car washes. This method has three main advantages. Firstly, in this case, professional washers will wash the car with specialized equipment. Secondly, the user does not have to spend their own efforts. Thirdly, car washes are specialized places for cleaning cars, which is regulated by law. However, there are also some inconveniences. So, you need to choose a car wash that provides quality services, since illiterate cleaning of the car can damage the paintwork. In addition, although the user does not have to spend energy, some time will be lost: you need to get to the sink, and even if it is near the house, it is possible to get into a queue. Finally, for many users, the cost of services is crucial. If in dry weather it is possible to visit the car wash relatively rarely, then regular cleaning in bad weather will be beyond the capabilities of many.

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As for the principles for choosing a sink, one should be guided, among other things, by the equipment used. There are two types of washing tools: automatic, high pressure, also called manual.

Automatic sinks are represented by a corridor of brushes and nozzles. The main advantages of this equipment are high washing speed (6 minutes), which provides high throughput, and high cleaning efficiency. However, automatic car washes have significant drawbacks. So, they are not able to clean the cavities of the body. Even worse, such equipment performs rough cleaning, leaving micro-cuts on the surface of the paintwork, which gradually leads to its destruction. In addition, washing equipment of this type is the most expensive.

High pressure washers are manually operated guns that spray water. They are good because, firstly, they are very mobile and, secondly, they allow high-quality cleaning of any places in the car. The only difference is the type of detergent used, which must be taken into account when choosing a sink that uses this equipment. Many of them offer it to choose from or provide their own car shampoo, but you should avoid those washes that use kerosene, as this substance cleans the car well, but harms the paintwork. You can identify kerosene by the smell that persists for some time after washing.

How to wash a car on the street

The easiest way to clean a car is by hand, using water and a rag. However, it should be borne in mind that it is impossible to wash a car on the street in the city, and for this there is a fine levied by the city administration, since these actions are classified as administrative offenses. They are considered as an attack on the integrity of the environment, sanitary and epidemiological conditions and morality. A fine is provided for washing both in the parking lot and in the yard near the house. At the same time, the administration allocates places in the city where you can wash your car. In addition, it is easy to avoid a fine by doing it in the courtyard of a private house. However, you can not wash the car and near water bodies. The fine for this is a different amount in different regions, but in any case it is more than the price of visiting a car wash. Also, its size is determined by the number of violations. So, for the first time, a fine may not be issued at all. It should be noted that the fine will have to be paid at the savings bank. Settlement on the spot is considered illegal.

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There are also street washers, whose services are also impossible to use, since the driver will have to pay a fine for this. In addition, it is impractical from a practical point of view, since the efficiency of such washing is extremely low. Washers do not clean the car, but rub the dirt over its body, damaging the paintwork.

However, this should not be confused with dry washing. Washing the car in this way is possible and at the same time quite effective. Some companies provide this service. It consists in the fact that a car washer leaves the parking lot and cleans it using specialized products, but without water. This method of washing is very effective, but has specific features. So, dry washing does not allow cleaning cavities where it is impossible to penetrate with a rag. In addition, it is suitable for cleaning only light dirt. Moreover, the more soiled the surface, the more damaging the effect of dry cleaning on the paintwork. Finally, you can not wash a car with a damaged paintwork in this way.

The fine for washing a car in the city and near water bodies using water is due to the pollution of the territory as a result of this, since substances such as fuel and oil, as well as detergents, are washed off the car into the soil or water.

For the same reason, it is undesirable to wash the car in your own yard near a private house, although the likelihood that you will have to pay a fine for this is small, since there is no one to report the violation. Those who still wash the car in their own yard near the house or in other designated areas on the street should know the basic rules for hand washing.

This cleaning method can be divided into two types depending on the equipment used: manual washing and cleaning using a pressure washer. The first method is the most economical and simple, but at the same time the longest and most tedious, since the entire machine will have to be washed by hand with rags and brushes. The quality of cleaning is determined by the diligence of the user and the detergent used by him. In any case, this method of cleaning a car is not very effective, since it only partially eliminates pollution, namely two types of dirt, the first of which is represented by organic particles and silicates, and the second by soot, tar, dust.

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Cleaning with a pressure washer is much more effective. These devices are devices that pump water under high pressure.   They allow you to remove, in addition to the two types of dirt mentioned above, the other two, represented by synthetic resins and oxides, however, this will require specialized detergents. With high efficiency, hand washers are very mobile due to their compact dimensions. The only limitation is the need for a source of water near the site for many models, although some options are equipped with their own reservoirs. Such work requires much less effort than the first method, and takes much less time. The cost of both options is close, except that in the second case you will have to spend money on a pressure washer. Please note that recently sealed vehicles should be washed under reduced pressure.

For both methods of manual washing, the following features are relevant. First, do not wash a hot car, as this can cause a chemical reaction between the water and the paintwork, which can lead to corrosion. Secondly, detergents should be used when cleaning the car no more than twice a month, as they contain components that adversely affect the paintwork. Thirdly, it is advisable to use the products recommended by the manufacturer for washing the car, as they are best suited for it, subject to the original paintwork. Fourthly, in winter, in any case, you will have to look for a room, since it is impossible to wash a car on the street at low temperatures.

So, the car can be washed in garage complexes and garden plots, subject to the rules, as well as in the areas designated for this, represented by asphalt areas in the industrial zone. For all car wash sites, the main requirement is the supply of running water and sewerage with a filtration system. You can create such a site in your own yard, but it is costly, so even in many garage cooperatives where such places are present, the requirements for their organization are not met.

On the territory of the city, washing is prohibited, including in the garage and in the courtyard of a private house, if there is no equipped area. Only in the latter cases is the penalty unlikely. Also, do not wash your car near water bodies.

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