FreshCompetent application of a carbon film on the body and plastic of a car

Covering the body with a film

Is it possible to redesign a car and give it a shiny new look without repainting? Is there an alternative to airbrushing and what if there is no artistic talent? Modern technologies make it possible to paste over a car or its parts with a high-strength film of various materials and textures, or with a pre-applied pattern, which will last no less than paintwork, and labor costs will be much less.

Learn how to wrap your car with vinyl wrap

You can wrap the car with a film using a matte or glossy material. Full hauling or partial pasting can really be done in the garage with your own hands.

Types of body protection films and 3M brand anti-gravel material

The anti-gravel film can be glued on a new car: according to reviews, pasting it retains the original appearance of the paintwork, in particular, for the subsequent sale of a car.

The color of strong people: using brown film for car wrapping

Brown film, both matte, glossy, and carbon, is often used to wrap the entire car body.

Types of film for the car body and recommendations for its application

Covering the surface of the car body with a film can serve as a tuning, as well as to protect the surface of the car from all kinds of scratches and chips.

A bright tuning solution: types of red vinyl films

Red film for wrapping cars can have different color depths and textures. The most popular materials are carbon and with the effect of glossy chrome.

Invisible protection: the choice and features of applying a transparent film to a car body

A protective transparent film for a car body is used for pasting the hood, bumper and even glass. Do-it-yourself pasting is carried out in a wet or dry way.

Under reliable armor: applying a protective film to car headlights

Film for armoring car headlights protects against impacts and chips, is relatively easy to apply, does not become cloudy, and also does not reduce the brightness of the light beam.

Popular and spectacular car tuning: wrapping the roof with a film

Covering the roof of a car with a film is popular. You can glue the top of the car with a glossy vinyl film, materials for carbon, chrome and others.

Updating the car interior: wrapping individual parts with a film

You can update the panel and other parts of the car interior with the help of pasting with a film. This finish is not complicated and allows you to make the interior original.

The simple secret of disguise: the use of camouflage film for the car body

Car wrapping with camouflage film is used as a vehicle camouflage by hunters, fishermen, the military and just lovers of non-standard car tuning.

Reliable protection: varieties and application of armored film for car windows

Armoring the windshield with a special film allows you to protect it from chips, bumps, and when using high-class material - from bullets.

Are there real ways to protect a car bumper from scratches and chips?

It is possible to protect the bumper from chips and scratches with your own hands, while the most optimal protection is to apply a product called a “liquid cover” to it.

The secret to the correct and safe removal of the protective film from the car body

To remove a protective vinyl or polyurethane film from a car without damaging the paintwork of the car, you can resort to thermal treatment.

Unique appearance of the car with stickers on the hood

Stickers on the hood of a car are often used to hide any defect on this part of the car or to make the appearance of your car unique.