A bright tuning solution: types of red vinyl films

Film for cars red (carbon look)

Full wrapping of a car with vinyl, for example, a matte film, is often used to change the shade of a car body, as well as to create an airbrush effect if the applied material has a pattern. Excellent results can also be achieved with partial, but competent pasting of the machine. At the same time, a red film for a car body is considered today one of the most sought-after and most popular.

Advantages of the film

The advantages of using vinyl film for cars in comparison with their painting are undeniable. Car tuning enthusiasts prefer to wrap their cars in vinyl for a number of reasons.

  • The low price of this material.
  • Body protection from scuffs, scratches and corrosion.
  • Helps hide the difference in shade after painting one of the elements of the car body.
  • Under the influence of a hair dryer, the vinyl stretches perfectly during installation, thanks to which bubbles and folds do not form on the surface of the body.
  • The relative simplicity of this process allows motorists to tune their car with their own hands.

The film has a wide range of textures and shades. Today, glossy and smooth matte vinyl materials are fashionable, with an option for chrome and carbon. Most motorists believe that the film for pasting should be red.

Film red chrome

Matte and glossy vinyl

Red color combines energy, courage and elegance - qualities that are the best suited for a car. Therefore, using a matte film of this color when applied to plastic and metal, you can easily and inexpensively upgrade both the appearance and interior of the car. When combining red trim with black, it is possible to create various variations in the design of the car body. So, if you use a red tone to finish the entire car, and cover only the sides with black, for example, with stripes, then you can give your vehicle a more dynamic look. Handles trimmed with black or red vinyl, as well as black or bright accent on the bumper, will look no less impressive.

Film red chrome

Choosing chrome, motorists give their car a new look. Despite the variety of textures for cars, red vinyl is especially popular due to its unique appearance. The "Iron Horse" in this new guise will be visible from afar. True, it does not mask chips well enough. So, with a shabby body, it is better to apply a film under the skin. If the motorist wants to save money, he should opt for inexpensive carbon fiber.

Installing red chrome will make the entire surface of the car glossy and mirrored. However, to carry out this process, it is better to contact professionals who have experience in carrying out such work, since pasting with chrome vinyl has a number of its own characteristics and difficulties.

3D carbon film

Vinyl red 3D carbon film will allow you to paste over the spoiler, hood, seat frames, body kits, mirrors, as well as panels in the cabin. This material has channels designed to vent air. It thus mimics real carbon fiber.

Popular brands of red carbon films are:

  • Catpiano carbon fiber made in China is a PVC film that is designed for both external and internal wrapping of the car. This material is equipped with microchannels, which allows gluing it “dry”. The quality of the Catpiano vinyl is slightly lower than the Luxon film, but higher than the TR-1 carbon fiber.
  • Carbon Techology Racing 1, made in the same China, due to its small thickness, it is better to glue on even, slightly curved parts. The main advantages of this automotive film are the bright red tone and fine texture that is pleasing to the eye.
  • Automotive carbon Graphjet produced in Germany. This material is an analogue of the well-known ZM film. With a similar structure, Graphjet film, however, has a glossier surface as well as richer color.

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