FreshAbout renting and using a car painting booth

Spray booth

Why can a car painted in a garage get matte spots, while a car left from a car service shines like it came off the assembly line? How is the spray booth equipped and how does it ensure high quality of work? Is it possible to create it in your own garage, what is required for this and how much will it cost? These and other issues of ensuring the quality of painting are discussed in the materials posted here.

Useful tips for equipping a paint booth with an exhaust hood

The hood for the spray booth provides air exchange in the room during operation. To do it right with your own hands, you need to know some of the nuances.

Useful tips for organizing lighting in a car painting booth

When arranging a spray booth, enough attention must be paid to lighting. It should be bright, and the lamps should be placed evenly around the perimeter of the room.

Good to know: conditions for safe and high-quality painting of a car in a chamber

Painting a car in a paint booth requires compliance with many conditions, from the placement of filters to personal protection.

Everything you need to make your own polymerization chamber

The polymerization chamber, which, subject to all the rules, can be equipped with your own hands, is designed for drying parts painted with powder paint.

What should not be forgotten when creating a paint booth on your own?

The paint chamber, which can be equipped with your own hands, provides not only high-quality, but also safe work on painting the car body.

Features of powder painting and creating the simplest camera for it

To create a do-it-yourself powder coating and polymerization chamber, you need a compressor, a filter, an oven, a vacuum cleaner with a cyclone-type nozzle, and fans.

Spray booth fans and optimal air exchange system

For a spray booth, a dual-motor filtration system is optimal, when one fan supplies air to the room from the outside, and the second one takes it out to the atmosphere.

The main requirements for arranging a camera for painting cars

When arranging a room for painting cars, the correct design of the spray booth, its dimensions, the presence of air and hydraulic filters, and good lighting are important.