FreshHow to get a CASCO payment in case of a scratch on a car?

Body and bumper painting

Is it difficult to paint a car without resorting to the services of specialists so that the quality is at the factory level? What tools and equipment will be needed for this, and what paints and varnishes should be used? All stages of preparation and step-by-step instructions for updating the paintwork of the body and bumpers are prescribed in this section for those who want to do this work on their own.

How to paint a car well in simple garage conditions?

You can paint a car not only in a paint shop, but also with your own hands in a garage. Before painting the car, it is important to prepare the garage and the body itself.

About liquid rubber: composition, properties and applications for cars

Liquid rubber can have different colors, it is easy to apply it to a car with your own hands, and according to reviews, the product is often used to paint rims and car bumpers.

Proper puttying of the body: preparation and sequence of work

Learning how to properly putty a car with your own hands is easy. It is important to remember how to dilute and apply putty on the car body and carry out the work carefully.

Stages of repair and proper painting of car thresholds on your own

It’s not so difficult to paint the thresholds of a car yourself, and in order to paint these car parts with your own hands to be of high quality, you can watch a video on this topic.

Three ways to protect the body bottom from the damaging effects of corrosion

Car underbody protection involves creating a layer on the surface of the bottom of the car using materials such as mastic, movil or corrosion converter.

Magic pencils: how can you touch up minor body defects?

For local tinting of a car, you can use car coloring pencils or paint with a brush. They are suitable for removing small scratches and chips.

The nuances of painting a new bumper depending on the material of the part

The method of painting a new bumper depends on the material from which it is made. It is not difficult to paint the part with your own hands, and watching the video will help you do the work yourself faster.

The best way to clean the underside of a car: sandblasting

Sandblasting the bottom of a car requires a compressor, a blaster and an abrasive. It is necessary to use sandblasting in protective clothing, a helmet and gloves.

We paint a car with spray enamel: how to do it right?

Learning how to properly paint a car from a spray can is useful for repairing small areas of the body with such an aerosol. Spray paint can be of any shade.

Original two-tone body painting: the nuances of the work

To give the car an original look allows painting in two colors. Two-tone cars look interesting, and you can paint the car in this way yourself.

How to carry out local painting of a car body?

Local painting of a car, for example, the hood of a car, allows you to update the appearance of the body without a complete repainting. This coloring can be done by hand.

The easiest way to paint a car without using a compressor

To paint a car without a compressor, you can use spray paint. You can also change the color of the car by applying a vinyl film.

Underbody cleaning from corrosion and rust prevention

The bottom of the car is subject to rust no less than the thresholds and other elements of the car body. Cleaning from corrosion can be carried out even by an ordinary motorist.

Learn to paint a car in the garage without help

You can learn how to quickly and cheaply paint a car at home from photos and videos of experienced car painters. Do-it-yourself work significantly saves the budget.