Learn to paint a car in the garage without help

Painting a car at home

During operation, the car body is exposed to an aggressive external environment. The influence of ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, chemical reagents, impacts of stones flying out from under the wheels lead to the fact that the paintwork fades, microcracks and chips appear on it, scuffs. In other words, sooner or later, the car owner faces the question of painting the car. Professionals can do such work quickly, efficiently and it will cost a lot. Therefore, car owners often ask themselves the question: is it possible to paint a car at home, so that in the end it would be good and cheap?

Body preparation

You can paint your car at home. The work is divided into two stages: preparation and painting itself. The first step takes up to 90% of the total work time. Depending on the degree of damage to the car, preparation for painting can be complete, spot or partial. Pictures, videos and photos from the Internet will help to competently carry out the preparatory process, which can be divided into stages:

  • body cleaning;
  • inspection and detection of defects;
  • puttying the surface of the machine;
  • grinding of treated areas of the car body.

In order to realistically assess the degree of damage and qualitatively process the body, it is necessary to thoroughly wash and inspect the car. For effective cleaning, it is best to dismantle the parts if possible.

Stubborn dirt, such as grease or bituminous stains, is best removed with special products sold in car dealerships or white-spirit, but never with gasoline or thinner!

After the body is washed, in bright light, the paintwork is carefully examined for defects. Dents, chips, cracks are marked with colored chalk, marker or quick-drying paint. When all defects are found, they begin to correct them. Learning to do such work is not difficult, you need to follow some rules.

Body preparation for painting

Cleaning of problem areas is carried out to the “clean” metal with the help of a chisel, sandpaper. The area of ​​the area to be cleaned should not be larger than the area of ​​the defect itself. By feeling the surface, check how smooth the transition to the defect-free area was.

Sometimes you have to completely clean the body from the paintwork, but despite the apparent complexity, even a beginner can learn this if they wish. Pictures found on the Internet will help you understand whether the surface is being prepared for painting in the right direction. Having completed the work on cleaning up the defects, the car is once again thoroughly washed and degreased, eliminating the dust and dirt that has appeared.

The next step is puttying. With the help of synthetic polyester putty, defective areas of the car are treated. It is best to use a fine-grained finishing compound, as it is easier to work with subsequent sanding. It is applied with a rubber or metal spatula in cross vigorous movements, with alternate 90° turns. Numerous videos presented on the net will help to do this job correctly.

In order to putty qualitatively, it is necessary to mix the composition correctly. To do this, take putty and hardener in proportions according to the instructions or in a proportion of 2 tbsp. l. putties and a piece of hardener 30-40 mm long. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed for 30-40 seconds and then get to work. You need to putty carefully, but quickly, as the composition freezes.

  Body puttying

The puttied surface is allowed to dry for 30-45 minutes at an air temperature of +20 °C. If after a while on the emery, which is carried out over the treated area, there are no lumps of the composition left and it crumbles with powder, you can start grinding. They clean the surface with sandpaper by hand, gradually moving from No. 120 to No. 600. In order not to doubt the correctness of their actions, you can preview a video or photo on the corresponding topic.

Important! Grinding should be carried out dry, that is, without wetting the surface, since water degrades the quality of the putty.

Coloring stage

Actually, the process of painting a car takes the least time. But attention requires as much as preparation and even more. To learn how to paint the body yourself, it is recommended to first watch video tutorials, pictures or photos with a detailed, preferably step-by-step description.

Autoenamel can be any, at the discretion of the owner of the car. According to the instructions (ideally if it has accompanying pictures), mix the paint with the solvent to the required density and filter before pouring it into the spray gun.

Experts recommend using the products of one manufacturer in the process of preparation and coloring, such compositions will not adversely affect each other. As a result, the cars live will look like in the photo: bright and attractive.

Applying paint to a car

In the cleanest working room, masking tape is used to seal those places on the car that cannot be painted. Painting traditionally starts from the roof, gradually going down. The nozzle of the spray gun is 15-25 cm from the surface of the car. Movements should be smooth reciprocating.

In order for the surface to turn out as in the photo in glossy magazines, the paint must be applied in 2-3 layers with obligatory intermediate drying. It will take about 24-36 hours to completely dry the car under normal conditions. You do not need to use a hair dryer for this, the paint dries perfectly at room temperature, unless one is chosen that will require a high degree and a special chamber.

When using pictures when choosing a color for a car, remember that it may not look like this in real life. Yes, and the manifestation of the color depth can be expected only when painting the body, at least the second layer. But in general, listening to the recommendations of knowledgeable people, watching videos, photos and pictures-instructions on the network, you can successfully paint a car with your own hands. And the diligence and diligence of the owner will be rewarded with the excellent appearance of his car.

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