How to carry out local painting of a car body?

Local car painting

The aggressive impact of the external environment sooner or later leaves marks on the paintwork of the car. That is why it is advisable for motorists to carefully inspect the car at least twice a year. If you do not respond in time to a scratch or chip that has appeared, then after a while you can get a significant area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe surface of the body corroded by corrosion. To avoid such a nuisance, you should not only regularly inspect the car, but also neutralize them if defects are detected. A complete change in the paintwork of a car is a rather expensive procedure, so local painting of a car can be an option. This process requires painstaking work, however, if desired, it can be successfully carried out with your own hands after studying the instructions and watching the thematic video.

Benefits of local staining

For many owners, local painting is a great way to tidy up the car body. Usually, the craftsmen who have completed such repairs with their own hands leave positive feedback, share experiences that are easy to learn from. As for the advantages, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • speed of work (on average about two hours);
  • low cost of repair (much less materials are bought than with full painting);
  • color matching (subject to technology - the highest reviews, the difference is imperceptible);
  • no need to dismantle parts.

The impeccable look that local car painting provides makes this method one of the most popular. The repaired elements are practically invisible, the body looks like new. For the best quality of work, we advise you to watch the video of experienced users about body painting.

Selection of materials

Due to the variety of coloring agents today, you can choose a product that is almost one hundred percent consistent with the original. Therefore, we can say that the choice of materials is one of the main tasks of the preparatory stage of staining.

Car paint color selection

To facilitate its solution, special software is used that has received positive feedback from professional masters and motorists. It is worth resorting to it first of all for those who decide to do the painting with their own hands.

Having chosen a color to match the body of your car, leave a little paint in a special container, then next time, if necessary, you can choose a shade without much difficulty.

Preparation for staining

The preparatory stage before staining can be divided into several parts:

  • body inspection;
  • assessment of the degree of damage;
  • preparation for painting.

It is necessary to begin with a thorough visual analysis of the surface of the car, all its parts. At the end of the inspection, a conclusion is made about the degree of damage and the complexity of the repair work. Then you should clean the surface of the parts from contamination, paying special attention to hard-to-reach places. Use two wipes for this purpose: one soaked in anti-silicone liquid, the other dry, for thoroughly wiping the car. Parts that are easily damaged during painting must be protected, for example, with a film or masking tape.

Protection of unpainted areas of the body with masking tape

If necessary, the surface of the car body is also puttied, primed and polished. Such procedures allow you to eliminate small defects and local painting of the car as a result, high quality is obtained. At this stage of work, it is best to select products that have anti-corrosion properties.

Painting and varnishing

This stage is the main one. In order for local auto painting to be of high quality with your own hands, it is worth considering a few recommendations, for example, what pressure and pressure to use during paint application, as well as at what distance to use special tools. When applying the composition, you can use paint in spray cans, however, according to reviews, the spray gun is the best option. With its help, for example, local painting of the hood will not take much time, excess paint will not be used up, the quality of the coating will be excellent, and the border between old and new is invisible to the eye.

Usually, the composition is applied to the surface of certain elements of the car three times. After applying each of them, it is necessary to allow the paint layer to dry thoroughly. After the third has dried, the surface of the body part is treated with a paste and polished.

Local body painting

Certain features have painting the car in metallic color. This procedure uses the application of matting paste at the beginning and the matting of the painted surface at the end.

Pay attention to the so-called "first layer memory" effect. If initially the paint was applied unevenly, with gaps, then one should not expect an excellent result from re-staining.

Surface varnishing consists of three stages, due to which the boundaries between the old and new compositions are smoothed out:

  • varnish preparation and semi-layer;
  • applying a glossy layer;
  • final processing.

Carrying out repair work on the paintwork of the car with your own hands requires special attention. To avoid smudges, uneven paint overlay, it is worth practicing on other objects and surfaces, after which you can start painting your own car. If all the tips and recommendations are followed, the impeccable quality of painting the car is achieved, and a visual demonstration of the painting work is shown on the video.

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