The best way to clean the underside of a car: sandblasting

Car underbody after sandblasting

Not so long ago, to level the surface or remove corrosion, it was necessary to use a huge number of different tools, from a grinder to washes and rust converters. Currently, sandblasting helps to complete the task. This type of bottom treatment is cold grinding, in which high-pressure sand is released to the surface and slightly damages it. In the process of such processing, old paint, carbon deposits, traces of corrosion and oil products are removed.

Purpose of sandblasting

Before carrying out any repair and restoration work, the surface of the car should be prepared.

Sandblasting acts as a preparatory stage. With its help, you can clean the surface and create conditions for further degreasing and priming.

Sandblasting can be used to clean or remove roughness on the surfaces of various materials. These include:

  • metal;
  • stone;
  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • concrete.

Sandblasting has long been used in the automotive industry for processing large-sized structures. In car services, it began to be used quite recently, but has already established itself as a high-quality and fast way to prepare the surface of a car.



Sandblasting of the bottom is carried out with special equipment, which includes:

  • a compressor that directs compressed air;
  • jet apparatus, represented by a special gun or nozzle;
  • abrasive material, which is dry or wet quartz sand.

Important: the compressor must be equipped with a dehumidifier, and also have a capacity of at least 8 atmospheres.

The blaster is a consumable because sand grains clog passages and quickly disable the spray gun or nozzle.

Operating principle

Sandblasting the bottom and other elements of the car body, according to its technology, is the bombardment of solid metal particles with an abrasive material. Such an attack makes the metal product more durable and prepares its surface for paintwork or priming.

Sandblasting metal cleaning

Sandblasting is technologically quite simple. Compressed air coming from the compressor enters the gun, capturing micro particles of sand along the way. Abrasive material is stored in a special container. The resulting air-sand mixture breaks out under enormous pressure and is sent to the desired area.

Sandblasting is based on the use of sand, since its density significantly exceeds the structure of metal oxide, which is rust. The abrasive material is sprayed onto the treated areas, and under high pressure it beats off corrosive elements from the base metal.

Instead of sand, other materials can be used, such as:

  • copper slag - a special abrasive powder;
  • plastic particles;
  • electrocorundum;
  • silicon carbide;
  • fruit seeds, crushed in advance in a special way.

These abrasives are gentle and will require other low pressure equipment to spray them.

Sandblasting abrasive

Features and Benefits

Sandblasting a car allows you to solve two important problems that arise at the preparatory stage of any restoration work:

  • Sandblasting allows you to get a perfectly clean surface, quickly and efficiently removing traces of dirt or rust.
  • In addition to complete surface cleaning, sandblasting provides the required metal roughness to create the necessary adhesion of the coating.

As a result, such processing allows to increase the durability of the paint layer several times. This helps to save several times the cost of operating the car.

Security Methods

Sandblasting the bottom of the car must be carried out in compliance with safety regulations. Therefore, you should take care of personal protective equipment, since sand, having fought off the metal, can get on the human body. These include:

  • a special helmet that allows you to protect the organs of vision, hearing and breathing;
  • a suit made of soft and durable leather with cotton inserts - to protect the body from sharp particles of abrasive, without restricting movement;
  • suede gloves to protect hands.

Before sandblasting, it is important not to miss the slightest detail in the preparation of equipment and special clothing. In this way, you can ensure high-quality and fast cleaning of the surface of the car.

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