About liquid rubber: composition, properties and applications for cars

liquid rubber for cars

Today, material such as liquid rubber is gradually gaining popularity in the circles of car lovers, seriously competing with vinyl films. It is an innovative, multi-functional, bitumen-based, solvent-free coating. Auto painting forums contain numerous reviews about this tool. Liquid rubber does not emit toxic or harmful volatile compounds into the environment.

Material Advantages

Nowadays, for cars, liquid rubber appears as one of the best materials among those present on the market, since it has a whole set of modern parameters:

  • this material forms a smooth surface without seams (this is clearly visible on many videos on the Web), due to the fact that it is applied using cold spraying;
  • high adhesive properties of the composition cause reliable adhesion to virtually any part of the car body, no matter what material it is made of;
  • adhesion of liquid rubber does not depend on the temperature of the base surface, its age or the stage of hardening;
  • The cold spray technique makes it possible to apply a coating on car parts of a complex shape, while avoiding an increased consumption of the composition.

For a car, liquid rubber can sometimes be an alternative to painting, since when processing vertically located parts, the composition does not flow down even in hot weather.

The final coating is inherently durable, resistant to damage, chipping or weathering.

Characteristics of liquid rubber

The material has become quite widespread when painting car body parts and whole cars. In general, the term “painting” is not entirely appropriate to use here, it would be more accurate to say applying or coating with liquid rubber. After all, although the material can simply be painted on the surface with a spray gun, after hardening it can be removed like the most ordinary film.

Application of liquid rubber

Sprayed waterproofing (liquid rubber) is actually a two-component mastic, a bitumen-polymer aqueous solution. The mixture of water and bitumen brought to a certain temperature is driven through colloid mills, in which bitumen particles are crushed to a size of several micrometers. After that, a modification stage is carried out, during which the suspension is enriched with polymer components, acquiring the parameters of a latex modifier.

The main advantages of liquid rubber, as already mentioned, are adhesion to any plane of the car body, while the composition does not flow from vertical surfaces, even if the ambient temperature is high enough. The material retains its properties in the temperature range from -55 °C to +90 °C. Adhesion to the base is carried out at the level of molecules. At the same time, liquid rubber is not afraid of exposure to ultraviolet rays, is resistant to wear and can be removed quite easily, which can also be attributed to pluses. The material is non-toxic and harmless and is used, in addition to the processing of auto body parts, in other areas of activity, for example, in construction.

Liquid rubber is not dangerous to contact with water and active substances, it is not adversely affected by brake fluid, oil or gasoline.

If you paint the elements of the car body, they become resistant to detergents. The composition protects the car body parts from rust and minor damage. Even if flaws occur, it is only necessary to cover the place with a broken protective layer with liquid rubber again. After some time, the layer of material hardens more and more, which makes it possible to spray paint coatings on it. The material comes in very beautiful shades, including different shades of metallic and chameleon.

Variety of liquid rubber colors

At first, liquid rubber was produced only in black, but with the help of various additions, its color can be easily changed. Today you can order material in virtually any shade. One of the advantages for car lovers is the low cost of liquid rubber. It is cheaper than vinyl films, and it is easier to coat parts with it, since the composition is sprayed onto parts of any complexity and configuration. The mixture is also used to coat interior elements - you can process the edging of the instrument panel or door trim. The hardened liquid rubber is pleasant to the touch, has no pungent odor.

A study of reviews shows that liquid rubber is most often used to paint rims and protect bumpers. It is also a handy tool for protecting the body during harsh operating conditions, such as long trips on rocky and bad roads.

Method of application and consumption of the mixture

The application of the composition consists of several stages:

  1. Surface preparation: at this stage, the parts must be removed from all contamination, after which the surface should be gently dried.
  2. Preparation of the material: the mixture must be mixed in good faith, following the technology specified in the instructions. If a concentrate is purchased, it should be diluted in the required proportion.
  3. Application: the base surface is covered with liquid rubber in several layers. Do-it-yourself processing technology can be viewed in the video.

When the color of the material matches the shade of the car part, be it metallic or chameleon, it will be enough to spray 3-5 layers of the mixture.

If the color changes dramatically, several transitional layers of a lighter or darker color are required, over which the desired tone is sprayed. For example, it is not recommended to cover a car part with liquid rubber of red or black color without a substrate of transitional tones, because it is almost impossible to get a saturated primary color without it. If necessary, even if you just don’t like the shade over time, the coating can be removed like a regular film.

Removing liquid rubber

When calculating the material consumption, it is necessary to take into account - per 1 sq. m is spent 0.75 liters of the mixture if 5 layers are sprayed. This is the recommended amount for external surfaces. If you paint the details of the interior of a car or something inside the house, then you can get by with three layers. For example, painting rims R16 or larger consumes 5-6 standard cans, for the same rims R13-R15 four is enough.

liquid rubber manufacturers

Today it is possible to order liquid rubber from a number of manufacturers, but there are several clear leaders on the market. Various forums contain information about the most famous brands. Their products are popular, have a stable demand, and also generate positive feedback among users, both among motorists and builders.

The Perfomix company from the USA produces liquid rubber under its own brand name - Plasti Dip. This brand is represented by a wide range of products:

  • Rubber Dip Spray is a product prepared for painting, it contains dyes, that is, it is possible to choose a color, including a complex one, such as “chameleon”;
  • additives to the base colorless liquid rubber - Plasti Dip Pearls;
  • protective compositions from scratches on the car body;
  • dyes.

To give the surface different effects, several additional color compositions can be applied on top of the Plasti Dip mixture:

  • Glossifier - a mixture to create a smooth glossy surface;
  • Gold - the color of gold;
  • Silver - silver;
  • Copper - bronze;
  • Red (red), Blue (blue), Green (green), Violet (purple);
  • Metalizers, Pearlizer - metallizers, as a result of their application, a surface is obtained with the inclusion of metal particles of the corresponding shades.

Liquid rubber Plasti Dip and its colors

Perfomix is ​​a leader in its field, but almost any new development is quickly picked up by other companies. Now, along with Plasti Dip, Liquid Rubber Coating or Rubber Paint, Shenzhen Rainbow, as well as compositions of other companies are ordered, which receive good reviews on the forums from people who made the color with their help.

Let's name a few more brands of liquid rubber.

Liquid rubber THIS Rubber

THIS Rubber

This is an absolutely neutral composition, does not harm the environment and humans. To obtain a good surface does not require complex equipment and specific skills, it can be easily applied with your own hands. The application technique can be found on the video on the Web.

The material is simply removed, leaving the paintwork intact. The range includes a wide selection of colors, containing simple matte shades and chameleon with iridescence. It looks very attractive, you can easily see this if you look at the photo or video. Low material consumption, excellent protective parameters - scratches, minor damage, corrosion, abrasions no longer threaten the surface painted with this material.

ABRO black

The tool eliminates leaks and seals various types of parts. Multifunctional composition of black color for external and internal works. According to reviews, when painting, it forms a waterproof elastic layer, on top of which conventional paints can be applied. Perfect for auto work, painting exhaust pipes, chimneys, plumbing parts, pools, hatches, doors and more.


Forms a removable film on the car body element, which adheres to any surface: stone, plastic, metal, glass. Creates protection against corrosion, dust, attrition. It is elementarily applied to complex-shaped parts, if the need arises, it can be easily removed. Wide range of colors including clear glossy, fluorescent, metallic and chameleon finishes. Damaged areas and other disadvantages of the protective layer are easily corrected - can be painted without removing the base coat.

We offer you to watch a video about applying liquid rubber.

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