FreshPainting steel rims: preparation and workflow

Disc painting

Scratched dirty rims on the wheels of a car are like unkempt shoes on your feet. To put them in order, you need to know what types of powder and acrylic paints are used to return metal products to their original form. You can read about this, as well as about the technology for painting discs in auto repair shops and garage conditions, in the articles posted in this section.

Do-it-yourself painting of titanium disks: what and how to do it?

In order to paint titanium discs yourself, you will need a simple set of materials and tools, as well as knowledge of the correct algorithm for performing the work.

Powder coating of rims: features and stages of work

You can paint wheel rims with powder paint with your own hands, but the technology for working with such material is more complicated than with ordinary car enamel.

Bright brake calipers: DIY painting instructions

To paint brake calipers with your own hands, you need to use heat-resistant paint. Visually and in detail to understand the painting will help the video on the topic.

Casting painting: a set of materials and step-by-step instructions

You can paint the casting with your own hands with acrylic or powder paint. The first option for painting discs is easier because it does not require special equipment.

Creative and tires: what products are suitable for painting rubber?

Tire painting is not uncommon these days. But in order to qualitatively paint the rubber of a car, you should use a paint specially designed for this.

Forget the inconvenience by spray-painting discs

For discs, it is very convenient to use spray paint, which comes in different shades, including chrome. At the same time, painting can be carried out without removing the rubber.

The most popular ways to paint car rims

Painting of forged and other car rims can be done with varnish, paint, plastidip. You can paint them using aquaprint technology or using a vinyl film.

Salvation of rims: we remove scratches and chips from their surface

To repair rims and remove scratches and chips from them, you need to follow a certain sequence of work.

What is better to use for painting wheel rims and how to apply car enamel on them?

To paint car rims, it is better to use enamel specially designed for this purpose. Powder coating is also popular.

Sweeps everything in its path: features of sandblasting wheel rims

In order to well clean the rims from rust, they can be sandblasted. For these purposes, special devices and protective equipment are used.

Rubber paint for car rims: features and benefits

Rubber paint well protects car rims from mechanical damage, it is easy to apply and easy to remove, and with careful operation it is quite durable.

Priming of rims: why is it necessary and how to carry it out when painting?

The primer applied when updating wheel rims protects against corrosion, levels the surface for painting and ensures good adhesion of the enamel layer.

Why varnish alloy wheels and how to do it right?

The varnish applied to the surface of alloy wheels of a car serves not only to give the part a shine, but also protects it from possible damage during operation.

Corrosion treatment on different types of wheels: cast, forged and stamped

Corrosion treatment on stamped wheels is much easier than removing rust from cast and forged versions of these car parts.