FreshHow and how to pull the ceiling in the car without turning to professionals?

Interior painting

It's good when the car shines from the outside, but the driver and passengers are inside it and comfort is no less important for them, which means it's time to repair and paint the interior. How can he cope with this work on his own and update the interior so that there is no end to those who want to be in it? How to properly equip the interior of your car and what is needed for this, the articles available here will tell.

We restore the interior of your favorite car: self-repair of plastic and leather

Restoration of plastic or leather elements of a car interior can also be done by hand. Moreover, the repair technology depends on the scale of damage.

Secrets of high-quality self-updating the car interior

Finishing the interior of the car, if desired, you can do it yourself. Leather and alcantara are often used for covering the seats and ceiling, and carpet has proven itself well as a material for finishing the floor, door cards and panels.

We make the salon of our dreams: how to make an independent seat upholstery?

It is possible to sheathe the interior of a car with leather or other material with your own hands. Precise patterns and the strength of the seams are important for self-upholstering seats.

Is it possible for a simple car enthusiast to cover the interior with leather with his own hands?

It is possible to make a leather interior in a car with your own hands. The advantages of the material are that it is beautiful and durable, but there are certain disadvantages of leather finishing.

Options for the restoration of plastic elements of the car interior

Updating and restoring plastic in the car interior with your own hands can be done by painting, pasting with a film or constriction with a special material.

Tips for laying soundproofing in the car interior on your own

Soundproofing the cabin with your own hands is carried out with the preliminary removal of the seats, flooring, door panels, ceiling lining and other elements.

Do-it-yourself restoration and updating of a car torpedo using painting

It is not difficult to paint a car dashboard with your own hands, for which rubber-containing, acrylic matte, glossy paint and varnish are suitable as the last layer.

Five proven ways to remove scratches from plastic car interior parts

If the car interior does not require major repairs, then scratches from the plastic can be removed with a polish or heating. Effective removal and a special pencil.

The variety of materials used for upholstery of the car interior

There are many different materials for car interior upholstery, including leather, vinyl film, alcantara, autocarpet fabric and leather substitutes.

Repair of scratches and more serious damage to the leather interior of the car

You can repair a scratch on the skin in the car interior on your own, but in the absence of skill and in the presence of serious damage, it is better to entrust the repair to professionals.