FreshDo-it-yourself coating and polishing of a car with liquid glass

Car polishing

Everyone wants their car to sparkle like new and serve for many years without spending the lion's share of the money earned on these purposes. Practical advice for beginners and experienced motorists, descriptions of paintwork polishing technologies, old proven tools and novelties in the world of polishes - this is only a small part of what you can learn by reading the articles presented here.

Master class on polishing cars with 3M pastes

The technology for polishing the body with 3M pastes will differ depending on what type of polishing you are doing - restorative or protective.

Is it possible to remove a chip from the windshield and what is needed for this?

Special polymers help repair chips on the windshield. Also, to remove defects, or to repair them, you need an ultraviolet lamp and a number of other devices.

Want to polish your headlights yourself? Read the instructions and watch the video!

Anyone can polish car headlights on their own, the main thing is to prepare the necessary tools, polishing products and watch videos of experienced craftsmen.

Effective do-it-yourself body polishing with Farecla pastes

Farecla G6 and G10 pastes, as well as Wax Top liquid polish, provide fast and effective car body polishing due to their high quality.

How to get rid of scratches on the car body with polishing?

Polishing and removing deep scratches from the body and plastic of the car can be done by hand. Special tools will help to polish defects on the car.

Polish your car like a pro: do-it-yourself features

To understand how to properly polish the car body with your own hands and polish the interior plastic and scratches, you can watch the video of professionals.

Choosing effective polishing agents for plastic surfaces

Many polishes have been created for car plastic: matte, black, for transparent materials and others. These tools allow you to update the car and give shine.

How to polish acrylic on car body after painting

Polishing of acrylic paint on a car can be carried out no earlier than a day after painting, and preferably after 4-7 days. This must be done carefully and slowly.

Shining headlights: all about polishing car glass lights

Do-it-yourself high-quality polishing of headlight glass can be done with or without a machine. Glass lanterns can also be polished to fit the lens.

Polishing car glass: great do-it-yourself job!

Polishing technology allows you to remove scratches and haze from car windows. Any driver will be able to update auto glass with his own hands.

How to carry out high-quality polishing of a car body?

Do-it-yourself polishing of a car body without experience is quite difficult. The advice of experienced craftsmen and a video on this issue come to the rescue.

About self-polishing machine: tools and brief instructions

Do-it-yourself polishing of the car body allows you to remove scratches from the surface of the paintwork and add shine. A video on this topic will help to polish the car correctly.

Useful information: how are plastic car parts polished?

Polishing the plastic of a car can be done by hand using abrasive pastes. And you can remove damage at home with a regular hair dryer.

Free way to clean car headlights: use toothpaste!

Do-it-yourself polishing and cleaning car headlights can be done with toothpaste. According to videos and reviews, after such processing, the glass becomes noticeably more transparent.