What is the best choice for body polishing at home?

car polishing machine

To maintain a chic appearance of the car, it is not necessary to load up to the eyeballs with expensive inventory. It is possible to polish the car at home with the help of improvised means. By and large, car care is simple, but requires regularity. If the vehicle does not participate in a rally or safari, but is used to travel on city roads, then it will be necessary to polish its body with restorative polishes that require the use of a special tool no more than once a year. The rest of the time, you can use protective compounds based on wax or silicone, which are easily applied using soft rags accumulated at home or napkins or towels specially purchased for this purpose. If you polish the car in this way once every two to three months, then its body will be in excellent condition almost all the time.

Polishing machine to the rescue

The polishing machine certainly speeds up the process, and the prices for these products are far from prohibitive, so it's better to have one in your bins. Then polishing the car body at home will not be difficult. How this work is done, you can watch the video and repeat your favorite tricks in your garage. A polishing machine can process not only cars, therefore, if you learn how to use it, then it will not remain idle.

Using a polishing machine to make a car shine allows you to:

  • reduce polishing time by several times;
  • significantly improve the quality of work;
  • use thick polishing compounds that adhere well to the surface;
  • make work much easier.

Regardless of whether there is a tool in the home arsenal or it was decided to get by with the old-fashioned way, the car must be thoroughly washed before processing, and the room must be wet cleaned. The paintwork is very sensitive to the effects of the smallest microparticles, so any grain of sand that gets on the body can scratch it. Be especially careful when polishing a black car.

When working with such cars, a tool or rags must be carefully inspected, avoiding traces of old paint and dirt on them. It is best to use the softest types of rags, wipes and discs. Light cars are less picky about the quality of the material, but it is still not recommended to use hard fabrics.

When using a polishing machine, the composition is applied in small portions to the car body and then evenly rubbed at an average rotation speed. You should not rush anywhere, you need to polish the car in sections, step by step. Perhaps the most important point of the work is the position of the tool.

To properly polish a car, the disc must be strictly parallel to the surface to be treated. If the angle of inclination is changed, then the body can be damaged by scratching it, which will greatly complicate the restoration of the paintwork.

During operation, the surface heats up, due to which the polish fills microcracks, protecting the metal of the structure from possible corrosion. Thus, the entire car should be polished, which after the procedure will begin to shine like new. But this will happen only after repeated washing, which will wash away the stains that have formed on the surface and hide the induced beauty.

Rags and napkins

Some types of polishes do not require the use of a polishing machine and it is enough to have rags or napkins for them. They have several important requirements:

  • lack of pile, dirt and dried paint;
  • softness;
  • hygroscopicity.

Rags for polishing machine

Aerosol compositions allow you to perfectly polish a car at home using such improvised means, but unfortunately, the age of such processing will not be very long. Also, liquid glass does not require the use of a polishing machine. The car body coated with it will look like new for more than a year. There is currently no better polish than this, and only too high a price can limit its use.

The most suitable material for polishing a car is microfiber, which has an ideal structure for this.

Although working with a rag or napkin is even easier than using a typewriter, there are still a lot of nuances and subtleties that may not be clear the first time. Therefore, before polishing a car, it is better to look at the video how it is done. Technologically, work with a polishing wheel and rags are very similar, only they occur at different speeds. The process also occurs sequentially, in small sections. Manual polishing is convenient when you need to process not the entire car, but a small section of it. In other cases, this is a titanic work, accessible to a few. Anyone who tries to polish a car a couple of times with high quality to a shine will definitely go to the store before the third time and get at least a simple polishing machine.

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