Polishing car glass: great do-it-yourself job!

Car glass polishing

Unfortunately, nothing material is eternal in this world, and car windows are no exception to this rule. Over time, the glass loses its transparency, a lot of scratches and stains appear on it, which worsens the illumination of the road and spoils the overall appearance of the car. To get rid of such a nuisance, you can use two methods: conservative, replacing the old glass with a new one, or more rational and economical, polishing auto glass. The second option is more reasonable, if only because new glass costs a lot at modern prices, and why throw money down the drain and carry out such a complicated, painstaking work to replace it if you can achieve a similar result, but with minimal energy and financial resources? So, how do you do car glass polishing at home? We will talk about this further - detailed instructions, photos and videos are attached.

Factors affecting the loss of glass transparency

Before proceeding with the study of instructions for polishing automotive glass, let's look at the reasons for its wear:

The main factor in the occurrence of scratches and turbidity is a careless attitude towards your iron horse. It happens that the glass is dirty, but there is neither strength nor time for a major wash. What does a car owner usually do in such a situation? That's right, he takes the first thing that comes to hand and simply scrapes off and washes away the dirt. At first, you might think that the problem was solved easily and quickly, but it only seems. In fact, the conditions for the formation of microscopic chips and scratches are excellent. A couple more times such rough cleaning, or washing with a dry or hard cloth, and there will be no trace of the former gloss of the surface.

The second reason is standard, and no driver can avoid it. This is the deformation of the surface by sand, mud, small pebbles during high-speed movement. Hitting the glass shield, they leave negligible damage, which, accumulating over the years, on the one hand, become accumulators for dust, and on the other hand, form refracting glare, very dangerous on the road, as they can lead to loss of road visibility by the driver and as a result, to accidents.

Driver driving, windshield, road

Varieties of polishing

Speaking of auto glass polishing, they mean two processing options (to deal with this issue, see photos and videos). More aggressive is grinding, it is used to eliminate serious deformations, but it also carries a number of nuances. At home, this is a more problematic method to implement.

Grinding is not suitable for all types of glass, it all depends on the thickness of the canvas, because during processing a large layer is removed, and if the canvas is thin, it will simply burst.

A gentle option is polishing auto glass with special tools. This method allows you to do the job quickly and efficiently, without causing such harm as in the first case, although here, of course, you need to know when to stop. Polishing the glass surface at home with this method is not difficult.

Work technology

To work at home, we need the following materials:

  • a machine or a drill, but with a special grinding nozzle (necessarily with a soft, felt surface);
  • wheel for polishing car glass;
  • construction tape;
  • special polishing agents;
  • glass cleaning emulsions;
  • napkins and film.

Car glass polish

The work is carried out in three stages:

  • preparation;
  • polishing;
  • final stage.


  1. First of all, the car is thoroughly washed so that dust and dirt do not damage the surface.
  2. The degree of damage, the depth of scratches are revealed, all defects are outlined with a marker to facilitate the workflow.
  3. The car is covered with a film so that the polishing agent does not damage other parts of the body. A cut is carefully made where grinding will be done, and the remaining edges of the film are attached with adhesive tape.
  4. The polishing powder is diluted with water to a creamy state, a spray bottle with water is also needed, it will be needed in the process. The preparatory stage is completed, we proceed to the main part.

Car glass polishing

Polishing with a machine

To eliminate scratches, apply paste to the surface and rub it. After that, you need to polish the glass with a machine, with smooth movements. Polished glass must be wiped with a napkin and treated with a special mixture. After completion of the work, the surface will acquire a perfect shine and a completely new look.

Attention: do not press hard on the tool and do not polish for a long time, otherwise the glass may be damaged.

Grinding allows you to remove scratches and other bumps in auto glass. Despite the laboriousness of the process, it is quite possible to perform it at home, the main thing is to understand the technology and apply a little patience. Look at the photo and you will understand how to do it.

other methods

And now we want to talk about another, simpler, and no less effective way. So, how to polish glass without a typewriter at home, get rid of scratches, haze and stains? Very simply, for this we prepare polishing materials (special mixtures, emulsions) and foam rubber circles.

It is worth dwelling a little more on polishing agents. To date, materials fall into many categories: some are designed for quick polishing, others for achieving a polishing effect, and others are known for their long-term effect.

Car glass polishing

Wax-based or liquid glass-based products are very popular with motorists, and both of them allow you to achieve simply fantastic results. Wax has been known to the world since antiquity, liquid glass appeared two hundred years ago, but the craftsmen guessed to use these materials in a car service only recently.

The polishing procedure is simple: first you need to clean and degrease the surface, and prepare the composition in accordance with the instructions for the product. Then the polish is applied to the surface and rubbed with quick, vigorous movements.

Polishing is carried out in several stages, and each time you need to let the surface dry. The final step is to wash the surface and dry.

Now the glass again transmits the entire spectrum of light without distortion. A car with polished glass looks expensive and aesthetically pleasing. Watch the video and see for yourself.

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