FreshCar window tinting with athermal film

Car tinting

How to protect the interior from burnout, and passengers from the scorching rays of the sun and not violate traffic rules? What kind of tinting will give the car solidity and representativeness and how to glue it yourself? What films are used to protect the interior and how long can they last? You can find out the answers to these and many other equally important questions by reading the materials placed here.

Infiniti car tinting technology

Infiniti tinting contains metal particles, which is the reason for its high performance. The process of applying this film on car windows is practically no different from other types of tinting.

75 percent tint film: trusted manufacturers

75% tint is ideal for applying to windshields and front windows. The quality of products is distinguished by film manufacturers Llumar, Suntek, Ultra Vision and others.

Proven tint film brands with 80 light transmission

Tint 80 is well suited for application to the windshield and front side windows of a car. Brands such as Llumar, Armolan, Luxman and SunTek have proven themselves.

We tint the "nine" on our own: stages of work for glasses and headlights

You can do the tinting of a VAZ 2109 car with your own hands, since gluing the film is not as difficult as it seems. The car looks spectacular with tinted headlights.

Quickly and accurately: remove the tint film from the windows yourself

It is quite possible to quickly remove the tint and remove the glue from the rear and other windows of the car with your own hands. There are several ways to accurately tint a car.

We tint front windows: tips for choosing and applying a film

Car window tinting can be easily done by hand. To carry out tinting, you need a small set of tools and a high-quality film.

Money to part with for violating tinting rules

For violation of the law on tinting car windows, a fine of five hundred rubles is provided. Heavily tinted windows can interfere with safe traffic.

Features of tinting: we transform the taillights of the car

The taillights can be tinted with a film or a special varnish. Moreover, everyone can tint the optics with one of these methods with their own hands.

What is the price to pay for quality car tinting?

The price of a quality film for tinting car windows is usually not small. It is better to buy a tint at a higher cost than to pay twice for a low-grade product.

Film 50%: a few words about the optimal light transmission of tinting

Tinting for car windows, including windshield, has different light transmission: 5, 15, 50% and more. When choosing a film, remember the rules of toning.

Do-it-yourself simple tuning 2107: tinting instructions

If you wish, it is easy to tint the windows of a VAZ 2107 car in the garage with your own hands. And headlights tinted with varnish or film will update the look of the car.

What tinted front windows meet the requirements of GOST?

Tinting on the front side and windshields must be applied strictly in accordance with GOST, which provides for the necessary throughput of car windows.

Ways to tint your car headlights 2114

Tinting the headlights of a car, for example, a VAZ 2114, is not a difficult task, but it requires some accuracy. Tinted optics can be made with varnish or film.

Features of tinting the domestic car Zhiguli 2106

You can tint a VAZ 2106 car with your own hands, which requires a high-quality film, a set of tools and compliance with the rules of work.