Ways to tint your car headlights 2114

Tinted headlights VAZ 2114

Headlight tinting is the most popular type of tuning among car owners. Thanks to the efforts of professional masters or amateurs, the appearance of headlights, turn signals, and taillights can change beyond recognition. With the help of such simple tuning, the appearance of the car as a whole drastically changes. For example, tinting the headlights of a VAZ 2114 car can create a very stylish image that attracts the attention of others. How to make optics tinted is described below.

Material selection

You can tune the headlights with the help of a film, as well as varnishes or paints. Both methods have a number of individual advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage of using the film is almost the only one - the high cost. The advantages of its use include:

  • quick dismantling of the film when it is necessary to replace or completely remove;
  • good controllability of light transmission;
  • protect the headlight from scratches.

In working with paint or varnish, there is the following advantage - this material, unlike the film, is cheap. But he has a few more minuses:

  • it is necessary to dismantle the headlights before starting work;
  • it is difficult to achieve uniformity of the coating;
  • it is not easy to remove paint from the surface;
  • poor light transmission;
  • negative environmental impact that destroys paint / varnish.

Tinted rear lights 2114

When choosing one or another material for tinting headlights, a motorist should not forget that their excessive dimming can lead to emergency situations, primarily in the dark.

Incorrectly adjusted light transmission of car lights leads to a violation of existing standards and an administrative fine.

Color film

Modern industry allows you to tint the headlights of any car, including the VAZ 2114, in different, sometimes the most unexpected colors. Films and aerosols with paint or varnish for tuning represent almost the entire existing palette. Most often you can find cars with red, blue or blue, green headlights, although there are also completely unexpected combinations.

The most important thing is that sufficient light transmission is maintained, otherwise it may be difficult to pass inspection. Do not forget that safety should not be sacrificed for beauty.

angel eyes

Such an unusual name has the tuning of VAZ 2114 lamps using xenon. On the headlights, its use is prohibited, but on the back, some motorists create very spectacular compositions. For example, the already mentioned angel eyes, representing two circles on the taillights.

Tuning headlights 2114: angel eyes

Film tinting

Let's take a closer look at the process of tuning headlights with a film. In the modern market of auto products there is a large selection of materials of any color, quality, cost from different brands. You can even stop at two or three colors and combine them in headlight tuning. After choosing the right material and armed with a simple set of tools, they get down to business. Tinting can only be done after the headlight has been thoroughly washed and degreased.

After the surface is processed, a pre-cut blank from the film is applied to it. Glass or plastic must be wet for the material to adhere better. The film is carefully leveled from the center to the edges, pressing it against the headlight, ensuring that there are no air bubbles left. You can use a rubber spatula or work with your hands.

In order for the film to fit well on the bends, it should be heated with a hairdryer, this will increase the elasticity of the material.

Toning with paint or varnish

Before starting work with the headlights of the VAZ 2114, they choose a varnish that is suitable in color, designed specifically for this. Most of the time, one can is enough. Before starting work, you should carefully read the instructions, make sure that the material is suitable for tinting headlights. Then they are dismantled and carefully processed. As before working with the film, the headlights must be washed, degreased and dried.

Headlight VAZ 2114

Toning is applied in several layers, evenly. After the first approach, it is necessary to dry the painted surface. Subsequent layers can then be applied. Care must be taken to ensure that dust particles do not fall on fresh paint.

Do not neglect the thorough drying of each layer, and when applying paint, monitor the degree of light transmission of the headlight. If after the paint or varnish has dried, the surface has become matte, it must be polished.

Partially tinted headlights

There is such a thing - partial tinting of headlights. Car owners often resort to it, including the VAZ 2114. In this case, paint / varnish or film is also used. If an aerosol dye is used, then the place free from tinting (or tinted with a different color) is sealed. If a film is used, then after gluing the unnecessary part of it is cut off. Human fantasy is limitless and partial tinting helps to create a unique style with various artistic images on the lanterns and headlights.

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