What tinted front windows meet the requirements of GOST?

Windshield tinting

Car window tinting is a very important procedure that can be called necessary. The thing is that a well-made tint film prevents the penetration of ultraviolet and thermal rays and partly reflects glare and light from the headlights of other cars. And besides, tinted windows look very impressive.

Until recently, many car owners were not very interested in the basic rules for window tinting. Subsequently, this led to the fact that the number of fines issued in connection with the violation of these rules increased significantly. This makes you think about the possible consequences, and therefore we advise you to familiarize yourself with the contents of this article and find out what the windshield tinting should be according to GOST. We focus special attention on the fact that these norms are valid both in Ukraine and in Russia.

Basic Rules

The tinting of the windshield of your car in accordance with GOST should be no more than 25%, and the tinting of the side windows in accordance with GOST should be no more than 30%. Also, a reflective film up to 14 cm wide can be installed on the windshield to improve the driver's visibility. There are no restrictions on the rear windows, but the use of mirror film is also prohibited (strong reflection of light can lead to an accident).

Front windows (both windshield and side windows) should not distort the yellow, green, white and red colors of the spectrum. Otherwise, it will be considered an additional violation.

In Russia, the fine is 500 rubles, and in Ukraine - 330-430 UAH. Today, car windshields are initially made such that they let in about 80% of the light, so at least the windshield does not need to be tinted. The same applies to the side front ones, and the fact is that the lightest tint film of a car is absorbed by 10-20%, so there is a significant risk of exceeding the norm, which will certainly lead to a fine.

If you still decide to do their tinting, then be sure to check the percentage of light transmitted at the tinting point. But with the rear everything is much easier. You're almost unlimited here, with the exception of the aforementioned mirror film, so tint them as much as you want.

Mirror toning

Car tinting methods

As you can see, the limitations are quite significant, but how then, in this case, to deal with discomfort due to insufficient dimming. This is especially true on hot summer days, when the sun's rays directly burn everything in their path. So, there are several ways to tint windows:

  • thermal film. Pretty good option, because its heat sink properties are well combined with sufficient light transmission. And it does not reduce visibility in rain, fog and at night;
  • sticker on the top of the windshield of a car. Probably the cheapest option, helps protect your eyes from the blinding sun, that's all;
  • electrotinting or electro-chrome film. These are the most modern methods, while the most expensive. They have the most suitable light transmission, plus they can change properties depending on the environment.

Top five tint films

The best brands of tint films for car windows include:

  • SunTek;
  • Johnson Window;
  • Sun Gard;
  • Llumar;
  • sun control.

For example, the film on Llumar Air 80 glass is shown in the photo.

Tinted front windows according to GOST with Llumar Air 80 film

Car window tint check

Such a check is carried out using a special device (taumeter). Any traffic police officer has the right to check your car.

There can be only 2 exceptions: if the seal on the taumeter is broken or the operating conditions of the device are not met.

A taumeter can only work under the following conditions:

  • air humidity is 60 (tolerance 20%);
  • the pressure level is from 80 to 106 kPa;
  • temperature from 15 to 25 °C;
  • no rainy weather;
  • no frost.

If you are sure that all the norms for car tinting have been met, and you still got a fine, then you can appeal this decision within 10 days. However, this opportunity will appear only if you were checked on the spot. It is believed that at a stationary post with an equipped laboratory, all requirements are met. Be especially careful if you are required to "another way to pay for the violation."

traffic police inspector

Additional Notes

Also, don't forget that:

  • it is forbidden to tint headlights and turn signals;
  • over the years, the light transmission of car windows decreases, which can lead to violations;
  • in Russia, a proposal is being considered to increase the fine for a secondary violation of the norm to 5,000 rubles. And for the following violations of car drivers, a 6-month deprivation of a driver's license can wait.

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