We tint the VAZ 2115 on our own: the choice of film and the procedure for working

Car tinting VAZ 2115

Increasingly, Zhiguli car owners perform tuning such as tinting with their own hands. The availability of the necessary materials and tools for sale makes this possible. The owners of the VAZ 2115 also want to improve the appearance of their car, bring the condition of the glasses to their original state. And then the tinting of the VAZ 2115 car will pass without a hitch and without a hitch only on its own.

Expectations of motorists

So, when deciding on tuning the VAZ 2115 with his own hands, the owner assumes that he will receive:

  1. protection of personal space from prying eyes.
  2. protection of interior parts from exposure to sunlight (the parts heat up 60% less, which means they do not emit harmful substances, the paint does not fade).
  3. Reducing the blinding light of headlights of oncoming cars, reflections of snow.
  4. protection during a possible accident from crumbling small glasses.

In order for these expectations to fully justify themselves, you need to carefully select the material, having previously studied its features. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that it is not desirable to have a transparency coefficient of the film below 85%, otherwise the car owner may be fined.

Norms of light transmission of glasses

In order to avoid administrative punishment, it is worth listening to the recommendations on the permissible degree of light transmission of the film.

Immediately it is worth mentioning that mirror tinting is prohibited. Even if the owner really wants to improve the appearance of his VAZ 2115 in a special way, the DSLR will have to be abandoned.

Red mirror tinted windshield 2115

On the windshield, it is allowed to stick a strip of a transparent sun-protection film up to 14 cm wide (light transmission is not regulated). Windshield - light transmission is preferably up to 85%, side windows - up to 70%, rear windows are not installed (only mirrors are prohibited). These indicators correspond to GOST 5727-88 “Safety glass for land transport. General technical conditions".

Choice of film material

High-quality tinting will be obtained by someone who does not save on the purchase of high-quality film. There are many Chinese-made materials on the market, which are of very poor quality. Such a film has low light transmission, which can seriously increase the risk of creating emergency situations.

When dismantling cheap material, a part of the tinting paint often remains on the glass, since it was initially mixed with glue. Professional films produced on special equipment do not have such a flaw, since they only color one layer.

When choosing a material, car owners and workshop workers should give preference to proven brands known for their quality. Their products also have a protective layer that protects the film from scratches, cuts and other troubles.

Tinted glass

DIY glass tinting

Since tuning a car is not cheap, many owners prefer to do it themselves. To work they will need:

  • quality material;
  • soap solution and spray bottle;
  • rubber spatula;
  • sharp knife;
  • lint-free napkin;
  • hairdryer.

Before starting work, it is necessary to dismantle the windshield of the VAZ 2115, although not everyone does this, in principle, you can glue the film right away. If the glass remains in place, then the seals should still be removed. To stick the strip in the upper part of the windshield, its dismantling is also not required. The surface is thoroughly washed, paying special attention to the corners and places where more dirt accumulates. After degreasing, wipe dry with a non-woven lint-free cloth and check if there is any dust left.

Spray the surface with a solution from a spray bottle and apply a pre-cut blank from the film, gradually separating the transparent layer. When the film is placed on the glass, movements from the center to the edges begin to remove air bubbles, as well as excess water. In this case, use a rubber spatula and / or with your own hands.

DIY tinting

If the glass is curved, it is advisable to use a hair dryer. With its help, the film can be given the desired shape, pasting will be better.

When the tinting is applied, cut off the protruding edges. A sharp knife is held at an angle of 30 0 while acting slowly.

Headlight tinting film

The headlights are tinted according to the same algorithm recommended for glass. The lanterns can not be dismantled, but they must be thoroughly cleaned, and then the film material can be glued. The excess is cut off. At the same time, the film should not violate the existing standards for headlights in terms of range and brightness of illumination. And the appearance of the car after such tuning with your own hands, of course, will only win.

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